Makers Faire - New York Hall of Science - Saturday, September 25, 2010

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I attended this event not knowing how big it would be and what to expect. Picture this as a huge county fair but instead of the focus on rides and was about inventors and innovations in music, art, science, and overall fun.

The event took over the entire Hall of Science including the parking lots, back fields and most of the exhibit halls.

In terms of scope...we got there on or close to 12 PM...stayed until 7 PM closing time and only got to see about half of it.

These were the highlights:

1) A one-trailer set up of a giant Rube Goldberg Mouse Trap Game. (With cheesey pre-show commentary)

2) A life-sized robot who could solve rubic's cube

3) A geo-board with amplification that played electric guitars when rubberbands were struck.

4) Bicycle - powered rides

5) A series of 3d printers, that used paint or polymer instead of ink to render 3d items

6) Kinetic sculptures that blew me away.

It was just huge - fun and crowded. It was also a very different type of show...that catered to families and any folks interested in technology.

In terms of "trip report" stuff...I would say that they didn't realize how many people would attend and there weren't enough vendors for food and drinks. (The line for one truck was 30 people deep...not smart for warmer than ususal temps in New York). Also, the bathrooms were mostly outside portibles, but the hall was open as well. (The lines for their cafe were long too!)

Tix were $50 for adults and $20 for kids, but apparently there are some on-line deals. (The tix are good for the whole weekend). We were luck to get parking down the blocks...but the main lot was down the road a-ways with a shuttle bus.

Here are some links that I hope will be of interest. They move on to Austin next.

Overall Information

Bicycles and Vehicles


I took a few photos that I hope to post soon. Lots of fun!!!!

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

I guess none of the organizers ever played Makers Faire Tycoon. :)

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