Maker Faire - Queens New York - September 22 - 2013

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Good Evening Everyone!

While not really an event that focuses on rides, quite a bit of what is displayed is ride-like and very interesting.

The Hall Of Science was the place and I spent the entire day from opening to closing wandering around...marveling at many of the booths and enjoying a perfect early fall day.

Crowds....The place was PACKED!!!!! There was a large range in ages from "Still in a carriage" to senior citizens...but the bulk of the people were in their 30s. Many had kids.

This year...there seemed to be less of a variety of presenters...but more of them. For example, if you wanted to see 3D printers...there were about ten manufacturers from all over the world. Some were bigger...some were start-ups...but they were all in the same general area.

I always seek out the stuff that is "kid friendly" and the set from robotics clubs were well-represented. There were construction toys...and several arts and craft areas.

One large set of presenters (Or "Makers" as they are called) were fashion related and to be honest...I wasn't interested in them very much.

Many guest speakers from different companies took to their podeums and this year in addition to the "big shows" such as the life-sized mousetrap game...(which needed a few pushes to finish) and the Mentos and diet coke guys...there was a short circus related performance...featuring gymists who could maneuver in ways that (in my opinion) defy physics.

Food lines were pretty long and very overpriced. THe Hall of science restaurant only had hot dogs (Actuall cold dogs) and several food trucks offered different things for varying tastes.

The Bathrroms in the hall of science were crowded...but there was an army of port-o-stalls to handle the overload.

If you have been to maker faire before...I feel you only need to go every other year to keep up with everything. If you haven't been to one's a nice day to spend with your family and friends.

The website for the maker faire events is

Thanks for reading this.

PS - Parts of the New York Hall of science looks like it is being renevated again. This is most evident by the area outside of the physics playground.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Thanks for showing this to us. I wasn't hip to Maker Faire at all and it looks like an interesting and unusual kind of event.
I also see its presented by Disney.

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