Magnum turns 20

Especially when the thread is about Magnum.

That's right, nobody ever gets off-topic around here . . . not that I was that obscenely off topic. I wasn't discussing politics, or cars, or the relative virtues of single malt beers. I made a brief comment about night rides on coasters. So let me supply you a free Internet raspberry:


::goes off to lick wounds::

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Aw, man, you spit on all of us with that thing...sheesh!

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

Oops. Sorry, I never could do those without spraying . . .

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Note to self: Carrie likes clean tongues....

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What, and you don't? I thought some things could go without saying.

(*helping to take this thread further off topic, because you know... anything worth doing is worth doing right*)

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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Shirley there must be a way to get this thread back on track? Oh, I know:

Despite the debut of taller, longer, and faster coasters around the world some enthusiasts think Magnum remains the best. To them, it can't be licked! ;)

Not even with a clean tongue?

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

Ba-dum bump!

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I remember the year that the Magnum was built! I thought it was crazy that a coaster could stand that tall! The sad part is that I remember when the Double Loop and then the Corkscrew were built at Geauga Lake and how my mom freaked out when she found out I rode a coaster that went unpside down! She was afraid that I would fall out! Man if only she could see tha coasters I ride now.....I hope that I am like my dad who still is riding and enjoying coasters and he is 81 years old! I love my coaster crazy father!

Life is like a rollercoaster! It is full of ups and downs!

The first time i went to Cp back in 1995 it was my first favorite i had at cp.

As much as I could probably tear apart Magnum from a quasi-coaster enthusiast perspective, I just can't ignore the fact that every time I get on it, it's a riot! I can't really explain it. Even when the return run's bunny hills beat the crap out of us, it seems like we're always hysterically laughing about it. It's just a great time, plain and simple.

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We posted some photos climbing around on the thing last week over on PointBuzz...

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