Magnum sinking rumor finally dies!

Posted Tuesday, February 22, 2000 6:51 PM | Contributed by Jeff

This isn't something I would normally post, but it is historic. One of the biggest rumors in roller coaster history has come full circle to the people who made it up in the first place. The perps come clean in this thread on Guide to The Point's CP Place forums:

Link: Guide to The Point

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Wednesday, February 23, 2000 6:22 AM
The rumor will never die.

-daniel j. haverlock-
'99 Magnum Count: 801
Thursday, February 24, 2000 6:08 AM
With regard to all the crazy rumors floating around ~ well most of them have actually happened...just usually not to the extent that people think. Yes, Power Tower has been struck by lightning...Power Tower did "scalp" someone..sort of. Actually it was a purple zippo flying off one tower as it hit the top, and the lighter came down and hit a lady on a tower that was just going up. It split her scalp open... of course, nobody talks about or knows about the idiot security guard who retrieved both pieces of the lighter after it fell and broke and asked the injured tourist if she would like to keep them as a keepsake. The 12 year old girl who died of a heart attack on the Gemini...well that actually did happen, but it was on the Wildcat and she had a pre-existing heart condition. Shouldn't have been riding the ride in the first place. Best advice for me to give to all of you about rumors, if you really want to know whether or not it happened...ask a Sweep ~ we know the answer!!

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