Magnetix iCoaster - Magnetic Roller Coaster

I didn't see a post on this, so I thought I'd share.

Looks similar to those wire and ball "coasters" I've seen, but I guess this one uses magnets to keep the ball on the track.


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Only the lift has magnets.

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If you check the video, you´ll see that there is as well a part where the ball is "suspended" under the track. So there must be some more magnetic parts.

It was only a question of time that we get anything called "iCoaster".

I think it is because you can plug your iPod into some part of it and play music. And here I thought putting an "i" in front of everything to make it trendy was over.

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This looks iLame!
My nephew (well future one anyway) actually got one of these for's actually pretty cool, there's different elements, jumps, etc, and you can customize the layout into a few different layouts. I like's a bit of a pain to do set up sometimes, but it's fun overall, I'd say. :)

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Moosh! Let out the child within you! I think this looks pretty neat! I would have to say though I prefer my K-nex.
I have one of these that I bought for the kids in my class. So far, we haven't opened it, but the 6 - foot Ferris wheel is a fantastic conversation piece.

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I had my eye on it at Target since it was going to be 75% off with the other holiday toys but it sold out. Looks like a fun toy but not worth more than $20 or $30.
I got ICoaster for my five year old for Christmas. I think it is a fantastic toy for kids that age. I paid $70 bucks and don't regret it a bit. He spends hours designing all kinds of coaster layouts. I do believe it is educational, as well. He is learning that putting certain elements together can cause the marbles to fly off the track or that you have to build up speed in order for the marble to travel up hill, etc. He has said he wants to design coasters since he was two years old. He has literally thousands of "blue prints" for new coasters. This toy has let him tryout out some of his designs.

It may not be a thrill for adults but if you have kids I highly recommend it.

So, if I am not completely mistaken, we are talking about a glorified version of this:


Oh wait, it's with stunts and sound... maybe more like this one


Just kidding -
from my perspective, an toy like this would be cooler without the magnetic trickery, with just gravity and potential energy vs. speed.
But that's just my own idiosyncratic geekdom, maybe.

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I didn't want to start a new thread, and it's kind of related but...

I just got back from the Toy Fair in New York. Aside from the obvious rebranding of things (this opoly, that opoly) and the baby-related things that I wasn't really interested in, there were very few new ride-model concepts that were worth noting.

The K'nex display had a few of thier 6 foot Ferris wheels on display, but the bulk of there wares was behind closed doors and only open to invitation only buyers. (I did peek in for a second and saw a rotating double Ferris Wheel, but I don't know if it was for retail.)

The Lego area was also closed up like Ft. Knox unless you had an appointement.

I didn't see Coaster Dynamix or the 3d puzzle people there this year (Wrebbit).

If you like construction or marble racing stuff the Keva building system was interesting as were Qbamaze and Uberstix. The Rokenbok folks also had a nice layout. All of these were availalble to all.

I just think that since so many people like and visit parks, there would and should be more quality toys depicting our hobby. Any thoughts?

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Interesting stuff about the toy fair.

There are probably more toys and working models available today than there ever has been in the past.

However, none of the toy manufacturers focus on what I personally would like to have, and that is brakes and the ability to control the coaster through the station, a realistic station set-up with air gates, a control box running logic, lighting, etc. Obviously, it must be due to the cost associated with creating such devices, but that's what I would like to have. Will I see something like that in my lifetime? Probably not unless I do it myself.

I have created effective brakes using my k'nex sets with Screamin Serpent, and that brings me a lot of joy, but I would certainly invest in a Coaster Dynamix set that was an exact copy of say - Millennium Force - and I mean with three trains, magnetic brakes, kicker wheels, transfer track, a control box, air gates, elevator lift system - the works. I want it all! Something along those lines would probably at least cost a grand or more (prob more), so it's easy to see why the demand is pretty low for 'reality' models and toys...not saying that CD's models are not realistic, they are, however they're not realistic enough for my standards.

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