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I work with MagiQuest on a consulting basis. I am wondering what the amusement park experts think about the recent opening of a MagiQuest location at Six Flags Great America and how you think the MagiQuest wand, which carries all of your accomplishments and quests with you wherever you go, and now onto the online game as well, compares with the other wands being sold out there now. I am a theme park and water park veteran (former Six Flags Corp Communications Director) so I am looking to my old roller coaster fans for advice and opinions! Thanks in advance.

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Stop sending Spam e-mails. :)

^ & ^^ Not clever, not accurate.

How is it spam for someone from the industry to go straight to the fans for input? If he hadn't openly associated him with MagiQuest and referred to Great America as SFGAm, would you have responded the same way? If Paula from Holiday World started a topic asking for feedback on the Timberliners, would you have responded the same way? Engage your brain before you post next time. And you wonder why enthusiast is a dirty word in certain corners of the industry...

Anyway, as much as I think the original question is valid and deserving of an answer from anyone who may have experienced MagiQuest at SFGAm, I for one have not, so can't really comment. Hopefully others can be a bit more insightful.


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It borders on sales for no other reason than the first post is made by someone anonymously. Had it been a real name, I would've felt differently.

So I give him or her one more post to come clean about who they are, and we can go from there.

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Actually, my post was in response to Cropsey's link, which made me chuckle when I clicked on it. Hence the " :) " It had nothing to do with the original post and was not intended to be hurtful. My wife grew up in Austin, MN, which is the headquarters of Hormel. Thus I find Spam jokes to be generally amusing. They used to take the grade school kids on field trips to the Hormel slaughterhouse - seriously. I think alot of them needed therapy afterwards, which partially explains some of my in-laws. Oops, I forgot the :) . I don't want anyone to get offended....

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I forgot GAm had even adopted them - haven't heard or read *anything* since the initial announcement way back when...

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