Magic Mountain and Knotts

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Just to save some time, I'll just give a coaster by coaster analysis, followed by some thoughts. Rides are in order of ridden.

Deja Vu: 7/10 Yeah it was open, Has anyone noticed that the bottom wheels dont touch the track in the station, but they jolt you, when the ride is in operation.

Ninja:7/10 Kind of fast, a little roughish, but not really rough, if that makes any sense.

Tatsu: 10/10 It was my 3rd time riding, but at night, and I was in the second to last train of the night, its basically my new number 1, moving 2 spaces from 3.(That might be confusing ;))

Log Jammer: 7/10 I know its not a roller coaster. With 4 people in it, on the last drop, our log skidded on its side down the tough. Im guessing it was Weight Watchers advertising at Six Flags.

Goliath: 9/10 Everytime I ride, I wish they made this thing an out and back hyper, because the 3rd hill is an airtime orgasm.

Scream!: 6/10 Wasnt as rough as I remember, but the ride ops were great, when they told us to scream and we didnt they stopped the train halfway out of the station and said scream or your not moving, it was great.

Colossus: 7/10 Kind of boring, only rough spot was on the double up, and it was my first time on the left side.

Batman the Ride: 10/10 its usually an 8 or 9 out of 10, but it must have been really hot, because I have never been on a BTR that cruised through the circuit so fast, my sister greyed out and this is our 4th BTR

Goldrusher: 5/10 its kind of lame, but you kind of make your own fun while riding it.

Skytower: Second time up there, but first with the museum, we stayed up there for 20 minutes just looking at everything and I'm afraid of heights.

Orient Express: my first time riding it out of my 7 visits, and first time I have seen it run, but it really is a time saver.

Park Operations were great, Six Flags is really stepping it up, and it was the most crowded I have seen the park ever, and it was a thursday. All three parking lots were full.

Knotts Berry Farm, it was my first time to the park, and I didnt know how small it really is. Only my 3rd Cedar Fair park ever. Again rides are in order of which they were ridden, we spent 2 days at the park, but it was more like 1 and a half.

Xcelerator: 9/10 the airtime over the tophat was great, but the loading got us kind of confused, because we didnt know it was per train, instead of per row.

Silver Bullet: 8/10 It shuffled a bit, and the only really intense part was the helix at the end. Also the almost zero G roll was pretty cool.

Pony Express: 8/10 Wow, was thing fun but short, but at least the line moved fast everytime we rode it.

Calico Mine Ride: This was the wth attraction of the trip, you are basically jammed into a little train and driven through an artificial mountain and the ride operator reads this lame script and it was supposed to be a tour or something?

Jaguar: 6/10 It was kind of fun, but the trains were way to small for me and my sister to fit into, but the layout was long.

Montezooma's Revenge: 8/10 Who doesnt love a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop?

Ghostrider: 9/10 WOW, I heard this thing was rough, and it kind of was, but it made up for it with airtime in a big way, its my number 2 woodie now. Also the line is so decieving, you think your going up the stairs, straight to boarding, but there ends up being a bunch of switchbacks up there, but really good operations by the ops.

Sierra Sidewinder: 8/10 Great ride, the spinning didnt make me sick, and the transitions were better than any of the THBS.

Big Foot Rapids: We waited about an hour for it, and it was a decent raft ride.

Perilious Plunge: 10/10 Probably the craziest water ride I have ever been on, Defiantly my number one water ride.

Thoughts: I had a great time at both parks, Knotts is just a wonderful park overall, but its really small. The only incident we had the whole time was at Sierra Sidewinder, where a group used the handicap entrance, and we were waiting for the front row, and her handicap ended up being that one of the members of the group was extremely large. They didnt take our seat, but they took a groups in the third car, and when the ride op told the lady why her seat was being taken she got pissed, she didnt say anything out loud, but you could tell she was mad. I really dont think that being extremely large is a handicap that should be tolerated at the park, just so you can cut the 30 minute wait time, of course Im not exactly small but seriously, just wait with everyone else.

Overall though great time at both parks, and the last night of the trip we ate at downtown disney which was fun.

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No Riddler's Revenge? No X2? No Viper? No Revolution?

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

^Yeah, I have done all those in the past minus X2, but this trip was kind of a leisure one, but I was most upset by missing Riddlers.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

If you thought Perilous Plunge was crazy in its current state, you should've ridden it when it was just lap-bars. The ejector-airtime was incredible as you had nothing holding in over your shoulders...and the splash was WAY bigger. The current/new boats were had a redesigned nose and frame which results in a dinky splash.

See the difference:

Splash with original boats (world record 45' high):

Splash with current boats:

It's also my favorite water thrill ride.

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Wow, that is so lame what they did to Perilous Plunge. I had no idea they neutered the splash like that. And seeing OTSR's on it is just ridiculous. Too bad what happened...happened.

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Yeah, I'm a quite large girl (not so large that I need a big girl seat but I'm pretty damn fluffy), but I'm not so obese that I am handicapped by it. And that DEFINITELY should not be considered a handicap that allows riders to bypass a 30+ minute wait. ESPECIALLY for the front seat. And I can't believe she got mad because one of the ride ops was concerned about her safety in a smaller seat. If you're so heavy that you're considered handicapped, wouldn't it make sense that you're SUPPOSED to sit in a bigger seat? Seems to me, if you're going to take the handicapped position due to obesity, then you shouldn't expect that you WOULD get a smaller seat. I'm not wording this right...what I'm trying to say and not saying well is: Either you're big or you're not. If you take the handicapped line for a size issue, you're gonna get a bigger seat. If you're small enough to fit in a front row seat, you're small enough to WAIT IN LINE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. I can see where if you waited all that time for a front row seat and then got told you had to sit in a big boy seat that it would be a little offputting, but safety comes first, right?

I'm probably going to hell for this, right? It just sits really really badly with me. I'm irritated. Any takers on a bet that this lady files some sort of lawsuit for discrimination against obese riders?

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Fluffy? Now that is a new definition to me. :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

^^^^I didnt know they did that, the air was still pretty great on the drop, but I thought the splash was pretty lame for being such a large drop.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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