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My AAA map was labeled "Six Flags California" and I thought it was a misprint. However, reviewing my photos from my recent visit, the signage at the parking entrance is cleary "Six Flags California." Is "Magic Mountain" being re-branded?
Correct me if I am wrong- but wasn't Magic Mountain referred to as "Six Flags California" back when it was the ONLY Six Flags in California?

If that is the case- they simply have not removed the signage.

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I always thought the whole complex was referred to as six flags california, with magic mountain and hurricane harbor.
^ Sort of like the concept of Great Adventure in the beginning with the Safari and the Enchanted Forest making up portions of the overall "Great Adventure" complex. - I give credit to for this information. *** Edited 5/12/2007 2:18:14 PM UTC by jshorerzd***
The entry gate says "Six Flags California". Since we had an hour and a half to sit and stare at it, we definitely noticed it. :)
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I am *almost certain* that CoastermanX has it right, that the signage is just a remnant. For those who have fond memories of "the olden days" at the park, it's probably just a painful reminder of what used to be.

...or, maybe it's coming back around, and showing the promise that Shapiro wants the park to realize... ;)

There was a short time about 10 years ago when TW semi-rebranded some of their parks to represent their more specific location. The only one that stuck from that time was the rebranding of Six Flags Over Mid America to Six Flags St. Louis.

Another one that comes to mind was that Six Flags Over Georgia was called Six Flags Atlanta for a short time. I'm pretty sure this was before Marine World even had any rides.

Six Flags California was coined when Hurricane Harbor was built next door to Magic Mountain in 1995. To sell both properties as a single title destination, Six Flags California was used. It's hardly new, it's actually been in place for over 10 years now. This was all before Six Flags Marine World (pardon, DISCOVERY KINGDOM) was even acquired by Six Flags.
^The definitive answer.
I thought it was just for that gift shop that comes before the park, but ^^ that makes more sense.

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