Magic Kingdom single-day ticket price now $105, first to cross the $100 barrier

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Disney World's latest price jump starting Sunday is pushing some tickets past $100, continuing a trend of increases as its attendance soars and the region attracts travelers with higher incomes. Disney announced Saturday that one-day ticket prices will rise to $105 plus tax at the Magic Kingdom. Prices at Disney World's three other parks are increasing, too, but at $97 will stay under triple-digit territory.

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As soon as it reaches $150, people will stop going. ;)

The psychological aspect of dollar price points has never made a lot of sense to me. Its only $19.95 not $20 but I just see $20. I can see a little more of a difference in terms of impulse purchases. But something like visits to Disney are planned (at least for the vast majority of people). So if the difference between $105 and $99 is significant enough to you that you don't go at the higher price point, you probably shouldn't have been going to Disney at the lower price point.

And most people are going multiple days so they aren't paying "sticker" price anyway.

Some people who are spending time in Potterland probably head over to Disney for a day. Doubt the price increase will push many of those visitors away.

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If tickets are still selling, why not increase the price? Tickets will continue to increase until they stop selling. For comparison, a 1 day ticket there costs more than half of my Cedar Point platinum pass which can be used all season long at several parks. But for many, a Disney trip is a once in a lifetime trip so there is increased value for that ticket price.


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The draw of Magic Kingdom is insane. I enjoy it when I'm with Simon, but it still strikes me as a little insane. Not crazy about the $44 x3 FL pass increase.

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ZOMG, no one is ever going to go to Disney again!


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Why can't Disney be fair and spread the price increases to more deserving parks?

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After doing some math, MK is regularly open about 16 hours to the public, not counting EMH. If I paid $105 for a day and was there open to close, that's less than $7 per hour. It's about the same price hourly as a movie.

How do they make any money? ;-)

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Those may be smarter choices, but they're not as much fun.

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Experiences, not stuff, that has been my post-financial makeover m.o. I'm trying to be responsible in terms of retirement savings, but when it comes to more discretionary spending, I'd rather buy travel than more crap.

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We are huge believers in "experiences not stuff." I still have grad school furniture in my house and we drive cars into the ground, but we've taken some amazing trips: Lane Guest Ranch in the Rockies, an Alaskan cruise, and a 12 day vacation to Paris---eight days in an apartment in the 3rd arrondissement, and another four days at Disneyland Paris.

slithernoggin said:

Those may be smarter choices, but they're not as much fun.

I beg to differ. Our summer vacation last year was a week split between Sedona and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was a spectacular vacation. We did several Sedona hikes, including Devil's Bridge and Coffeepot Rock. Our day+ on the South Rim was truly spectacular, and included a couple of hikes along the rim. We did not go below the rim more than about 30-40 feet; we were not prepared for that, but want to go back and try it.

Likewise, I have to admit that my beach vacations are much (much) more relaxing than my theme park vacations. We mostly go to OBX for "beach," but are planning on Hilton Head this summer, and the Florida Treasure Coast for spring break 2016. But, that's after Disney for spring break '14, Christmas '14, and spring break '15, so it's not like I'm able to throw stones.

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I'm a proponent of "Experiences and Stuff"

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So hookers and blow? Wait, those might both be experiences, or stuff... nevermind.

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After cleaning out my mother-in-law's hoarded townhouse, I'm definitely on board with "experiences, not stuff"... I'm trying to teach my son the difference. He tells me he would rather go to Disney On Ice than get a random toy. Don't get me wrong he still likes his toys but only if it's something he really wants. Otherwise he would rather go do something.

But then again, what do I know?

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...they're not as much fun.... to me.

It's taken me several years to bring my family around, but we've (mostly) replaced our Christmas gift exchanges with family "experiences". From year to year, I couldn't tell you what I got for Christmas.

But take our 2013 Christmas stay at Al and Sal's Motel in Indiana, for example -- priceless memories. Experiences stay with you long after things are forgotten.

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz

Excluding bed bugs, what could possibly be so memorable about the experience at a motel?

Can't beat a night at the "Good Bite Inn" on International Drive

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Several people commented about the increase in my news feed. Again, I imagine this affects a VERY small portion of the total number of Disney visitors.

Honestly, though, I wonder if there's a bit of demand control in place. The Magic Kingdom especially always feels crowded. Anecdotal, of course, but it seems like I can't find the quiet times. :)

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While the motel was memorable -- it's a classic vintage motel -- it wasn't the motel that made that Christmas memorable for the family. It was being together, exploring the area, playing card games -- creating memories -- that made that Christmas memorable.

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz

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