Magic Kingdom dragon parade float that caught fire on the midway is back in action

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In May, guests were evacuated from the Magic Kingdom park when the animatronic dragon malfunctioned and caught fire during the parade. The flames, which engulfed the dragon's head, were extinguished quickly and no one was hurt. The float returned to service today.

Read more and see video from WKMG/Orlando.

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“Admission to the burning ruins- 150 dollars”

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I never heard about this incident, but it says in the article that guests were "evacuated from the Magic Kingdom" when this happened. That can't be accurate, can it?

Looks to me like "guests took pictures and watched in amusement".

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I'm pretty sure that, yeah, people mostly watched it burn, since there are countless photos out there. I'm sure they cleared the immediate area, but "evacuate" seems like a strong word.

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Still, gotta hand it to the dragon. It just kept on playing music to the bitter end...

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