Magic Kingdom 1/26/05

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Since I had a day off from working at the All Star Resort, I decided to finally go to one of the parks since I get free admission (I am in the Disney College Program). Unfortunately, I had to go by myself because none of my roommates could go and were working.

So off I went, and I took the bus that they provide for everybody who is in the college program. The bus took me to the Ticket and Transportation Center, which is where you get on the monorail to go to the Front Gate. I must say that I really admire the attention to detail and the beautiful architectural treatment this park has. The landscaping and everything is just beautiful.

I first went to the Adventureland section of the park and got on the Jungle Cruise. Had a pretty good, funny, and personable tour guide. They need to be because they're part of the overall experience. Anyway, on to the tour itself, it was pretty charming. Mostly animal figures such as lions, snakes, elephants, and alligators. I think it would have been more neat if they were real, but it was still neat to look at.

Next I walked on up to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was a nice, fun family coaster. Nothing too intense. I liked how it started right off into a tunnel and got in a couple of drops before the lift hill. I liked how the ride was long. LOTS of curve drops. Again, I enjoyed how beautifully themed the mine train was. Oh and the wait for this ride was only 10 minutes max. I could have rerode if I wanted to, but I decided not to since I would probably be back again.

I then went to the Haunted Mansion. Not particularly thrilling for me because I am not a kid. Nonetheless, I still can appreciate the themeing detail of the ride. The ghosts and special effects are neat also.

I next decided to eat at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland. They had Burgers, BBQ Ribs, and Chicken. I had a chicken and french fries basket and they were pretty good.

While I was in Tomorrowland, I went over and rode Space Mountain for the first time. VERY fun ride. Definitely the most thrilling ride at Magic Kingdom. You just can't see where you are going throughout most of the course. It had a lot more straight drops then BTMRR. Pretty good length ride as well. As you exit the ride it leads straight to the retail store. That's how a lot of the Disney attractions are where the exit leads to a retail store.

I caught a parade around 3:00 where all the Disney characters were present. This was just something I thought I might as well watch. The kids would like it more than anybody.

I last went to the Pirates of the Caribbean. The pirate figures and the ships were neat to look at. Nothing more really.

Well, that basically concludes my day at the Magic Kingdom. I didn't spend a whole lot of time there. I was there for a good 4 hours. The park was not very crowded, but there were still a good amount of people there. I think it would have been more fun if I was with somebody. I don't think theme park experiences are as good when you're alone.

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