"Mad Money" reports on SIX and FUN

"Mad Money," the CNBC show where a guy tells you which stocks to buy through sound effects, yelling at you and throwing things, did a segment today on Six Flags Inc. He basically started off with a long rant of how poorly run SFMM was on a recent visit, and said how close Six Flags was to virtual bankruptcy.

However, he mentioned that tearing down every coaster, building, and structure at SFMM and developing the property as real estate might be the best thing the company could do for it's shareholders. I'm not sure how much research his team has done or what kind of information he has access to, but he ended up recommending buying SIX at it's low price on the possibility this could do wonders for Six Flags stock. I know there's been some lingering discussion on this topic, but host Jim Cramer seems to really know what he is talking about, despite his zany, off-the-wall presentation style.

He then took a call from someone asking about Cedar Fair (Cramer kept calling it Cedar Fun...), which he said was a safe bet for it's good management and good dividends, but was not going to do anything exciting in the near future like SIX may.

I bought the companies stock. Not for investing just for the fun of it and it for a good time went pretty high and dropped again.

IF you want to buy it and hold onto it for a while then sell it then yeah its a good buy but its not a good buy for a quick buck.

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Cramer rules! Wish I had enough capital to make use of all his advice, LOL...

He's the financial equivalent of Dick Vitale... :)
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SFMM may no longer be SF's concern after this year.

Read a rumor that Busch and Cedar Fair reps have been spotted at SFMM to discuss the potential 6 park sale.

I'm curious to see what impact the 6 park sale will actually have on SF after a couple of years. After they let go of the Euro properties and Astroworld, didn't really seem to make much of a difference to the remaining parks.

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