Mack SuperSplash: Is it a roller coaster?

I recently noticed that RCDB lists only some of the Mack SuperSplash rides. The rides at Plopsaland and Cinecitta World are absent from the site's coaster listings. I'm guessing RCDB/Duane finds those to be closer to shoot-the-chutes, although personally I don't see much of a difference between the listed and unlisted SuperSplashes. I don't think I've ever come across another ride model where only some of them were considered roller coasters. What to you think? Do you consider the Texan Journey to Atlantis a roller coaster? What makes any of the SuperSplashes different than all the other log flumes with uphill sections?

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Perhaps it's determined by whether the park considers them coasters? (Just a guess, no idea really).

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Is the Journey to Atlantis in Orlando a Super Splash?

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I don't know, but I've always thought the coaster portion was significant enough to consider it a credit.

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The Orlando Journey to Atlantis is a regular Mack water coaster. The SuperSplash rides have larger, 16-passenger boats and are more like a shoot-the-chutes with some coaster track. Here are the five that are listed on RCDB. The others in question are:
Aktion at Cinecitta World
SuperSplash at Plopsaland

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rollergator said:

Perhaps it's determined by whether the park considers them coasters?

If that were the case then all the larsen loops six flags added this year would count as coasters too lol.

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You mean... they're not? There goes my coaster count...

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It's strange that one ride is on there and an identical one isn't. It may even be down to whether they have been submitted or not!

I think the definition has changed so much over the years - there are so many things that could be included. For me, it's strange that Intamin half pipes are launched coasters, where a Disk'O isn't a powered coaster.

Not losing any sleep over this one though.

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I'm just so confused anymore, I don't know where to turn.

We live in a world where down is up, up is down, wooden coasters are steel, steel coasters are wooden, half-pipes are launched coasters, Disk'Os are not powered coasters, S:TE is not a coaster, S:TE is not called S:TE anymore, Intamins are amazing coasters that kill, B&Ms are forceless coasters that never break, Flashback sucked but people still complained that it was never open, all SLCs except the ones in Europe and the Jersey shore hurt a lot, Drachen Fire is the best coaster EVAR and you can't prove otherwise cuz they taered it down, racing coasters count once and dueling coasters count twice, or twice and once, respectively, or both twice, or both once, depending on what day of the week you became an enthusiast or which coaster rank polling method you prefer or how long you'll wait in the gravy buffet line (forever, if it comes to that, dammit), top hats are inversions, inverted top hats are not inversions, Millennium Force is too forceless, I305 is too forceful, a plastic coaster exists, Orphan Rocker still isn't open but Flying Turns is, Pepsi Refresh is gone but Conneaut Lake is somehow still in business, Disney is taking over the world even though Knoebels is the greatest park in the known universe, Dragon Wagons are hurting children now, and after over fifteen years of CoasterBuzz's existence still not one of us has a damned clue whether or not Jeff likes f***ing pancakes.

What a terrible time to be a coaster enthusiast.

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*slow clap*

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You win the intertubes. Give the man a muffin!

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You mean bran muffin, right? High five!

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Vater for President!

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That was probably the most epic, most amusing thing I've ever read on CoasterBuzz, Vater. You're not the second-place scoring game champion for nothing!


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No Great Adventure hotel? (ducks)

I think that post should be required reading for new members with links to the relevant posts.

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What is really crazy is that I was gone for a few years up until about a month or two ago and I understood every reference in his post...some things never change here.

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Certain victory.

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Double high five!

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