Mack rides video

At 2:04 you can see a train that I think will be in Silver Dollar City's Time Traveller

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That is one sexy car, just wow.

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Having ridden the launched inverting Gerstlauer spinner in Tokyo, I’m really excited about this. I have to finally get to this park next summer.

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PhantomTails said:

They showcased the Time Traveler car at IAAPA:

That is coaster porn right there. Spectacular cars.

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Very cool promo video about the company. The guy doing the VO reminds me of the guy who did a lot of the Cedar Point promos back in the 1970s and 80s.


Mack rides is doing some good business right now.

Recently Michael Mack mentioned a new rollercoaster for Europapark, which will be something special and big but it can't happen before 2020 because Mack rides is booked out/full for the next two years.

Makes me wonder what 2019 will bring from them in parks over the world.

In a small German park , freizeitpark Plohn will come a "big dipper" in 2019. Based on the model in Walibi World but smaller.

Wait... I thought they owned the place. ;)

Perhaps they are the worst "customer" ? Paying not enough?

Europapark was founded as the showcase of what Mackrides can built, but they are seperate compagnies with seperate goals. The sales of rides can be kinda a rollercoasterride in it's self. Many of such compagnies went bankrupt and I believe Mackrides had some really bad times in the past aswell.

10 years ago I was able to visit Mackrides in Waldkirch. We had Michael Mack show us around and he told us that they "split" the compagny in several seperate compagnies (not owned by Mack anymore) , such as the the builder of all the electronics, the themingpart etc. This was done because it was hard to keep up the compagny as a whole when sales where not always as good, so from the spilt the new compagnies work for Mackrides when needed and otherwise have to search for their own customers.

Google translated Dutch webpage

I really wonder what Mackrides will bring in 2018 / 2019.

list on rcdb

"done" are allready the Slinky Dog coaster and Time Traveler, Icon in Blackpool has many of the track allready up... curious was Asia will get... or are there even more for both 2018 and 2019 ?

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