Lyft powers Walt Disney World's "Minnie Van" service

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Lyft has a big name new partner – Disney Parks, which will introduce on-demand transportation within select resorts as an added hospitality feature for guests. The service will employ Minnie Vans, vans painted in Minnie Mouse trademark dress.

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I saw one in the wild last weekend. Was not aware that they're actually using Lyft to run the service.

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It's a pun! Get it?

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Surprised you can't seem to book it directly in the My Disney App. It's only a matter of time. So my question is who is paying for the drivers? Is it Lyft or Disney? If it's Disney then are the drivers getting a standard check from Disney? And if they are getting a standard check is tipping still expected?

So yeah still some questions lol.

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Is the Minnie Lyft more expensive than standard Lyft? Will Uber and Lyft be banned from the property so Disney can hold us captive?

I believe they're partnering with Lyft for backend and management of the service, but the drivers are actual Disney CMs. The fare is a flat $20, and tip is included from what I've heard. It sounds like the plan is eventually to have this done through the Disney app, and probably have it all in-house, but using Lyft as a partner to launch this without a huge startup barrier on the backend makes sense. They already have an app that works well for this, have the logistics set up to match drivers with riders, and the knowledge of how to handle it all. Now Disney can take their time learning and bringing it in house if they want to eventually.

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