Luminosity video

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This makes me love Dinosaur animationic walk around.

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This video is pretty good too. :)

And yeah, I wish I could say I 'got' it but I can't even sit through it.

Maybe in person?

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That's what all the hubbub has been about? Huh.

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I see some potential. Hopefully, they will work on making it tolerable throughout the season. There is something generic about it.

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Hopefully this is a hit that attracts a good chunk of guests away from lines. Beyond that- keep it. Good to see that Mantis stays open. When I last visited KI two or three years ago, I think Vortex and The Beast were closed for the duration of some night show- could have been fireworks, but not sure.

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Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

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^That's the main thing, agreed. As long as some guests like it and it 'works' for some, then it's a success. Same thing with Dinosaurs.

I just couldn't believe how incredibly plastic GENERIC it seemed. No personality, no connection, no soul... I mean... karaoke is more entertaining.

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I watched it again...

I understand what they are tying to do with it, but it's not quite there. The relevant pop songs are a good choice; they make it fresh and "hip", but the accompanying music seems a little too plain. The expressions on the performers faces are emotionless. The dance moves are all out of sync, which defeats the purpose of dancing together. I think that the performers possibly need a more aggressive attitude.

I love the idea of a concert-style show to end the night. The lights and fireworks are exciting.

Maybe with a little practice, they'll figure it all out. It's probably a very difficult show to perform and operate. I wish them well.

The show isn't perfect (it's probably a few minutes too long and not all the performers are quite up the task just yet), but you kind of have to see it in person to see how it changes the vibe of the park at night. And the show is really just a way to kick-off the dance party afterwards.

"Thank the Phoneticians!"

I have to throw my two cents in on this one as well...

I had high hopes for this and the midway when I heard about it, but now...not so much.

I was there for "Opening Night" on Friday night.

As some know, they have had preview nights all week and oddly enough they had a preview night tonight (Saturday) after the official opening night (seems strange, but I've seen even more weird at CP.)

Friday night they also had a BIG VIP dinner/hoopla all set up, tables, big centerpieces, beer, wine, black tie, etc. all sectioned off in front of the Good Time Theater.

In the above video you see a little bit of the side actors, there is also some silk scarf people too. They are each at opposite sides.

Where Wildcat was, is now just a big section of aluminum bleacher seating.

Friday night there were A LOT of fireworks. Way more than I was expecting.

My 5 and 7 year old girls loved the show, and I was VERY disappointed in it. It sounds just as bad as it does in the video.

Someone needs to make a trip to Miami, or Las Vegas and pick up a good DJ and use him or her properly. I can do better on my Xbox DJ game. The vocals do not blend at all.

Stage is cool, but DOES NOT fit in that area at all. The big screen looked better...and it saddens me to say that. I don't know what CP's obssesion is with having shows in this area of the park?

As for the Midway luminosity part:

During the day it looks AWFUL. You see a bunch of scaffolding holding all the lights and what not, all in these nice flower beds. Could they have not hid the lights better, or something? I really makes the midway look, I want to say...mechanical? I'm not pleased with the look.

Now I like a really cool park at night. The lights do light up the midway on the cement, various logos light up on the cement...that logo for Marathon looks great...sigh...but I guess they payed for this hoopla.

I'm a huge fan of tech. stuff, but it has to be done right. I rather have a million lights outlining everything then what this turned out to be.

In the end, all of this Luminosity, seems like they had the right idea, just not fully or properly implemented.

On a plus, the Ferris Wheel, is amazing! It really looks good with Windseeker.

I wasn't sure what the difference is with Millennium Force and Power Tower. They changed colors before...from taking the train ride, it just looks like they use more efficient flood lights that seem to be some type of giant LED panels?


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RollerCoasterGod said:Could they have not hid the lights better, or something?

They could hide them up in or behind trees, couldn't they? Oh wait... (sorry, had to).


After the seeing the light show the Canada's Wonderland installed last year on the mountain (and is hopefully back again this year) - I had high hopes for something on that level....sigh...guess not.

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Lord Gonchar said:

This video is pretty good too. :)

Wow, that's pretty high quality video.

TimChat2 said:
The show isn't perfect (it's probably a few minutes too long and not all the performers are quite up the task just yet), but you kind of have to see it in person to see how it changes the vibe of the park at night.

Yeah, exactly this. You never got that kind of vibe with the old faux-patriotic laser show nonsense.

RollerCoasterGod said:Friday night they also had a BIG VIP dinner/hoopla all set up, tables, big centerpieces, beer, wine, black tie, etc. all sectioned off in front of the Good Time Theater.

There were no ties. Well, maybe with the wait staff, but the execs certainly weren't wearing them. The food was delicious, the desserts were even better, and the drink was exceptional. Easily the best party I've ever seen the park throw. I won't lie... it sure was fun to be in the loop.

I wrote an extensive review on PointBuzz, and while I have my artistic issues with it (as if I'm qualified to have any), the show is one of the most transformative things I've seen go down at that park for as long as I've been alive. The public at large is eating it up, and I've never seen a wedding-style line dance that big before. People are dancing all the way down the main midway (which also looks outstanding).

It stands to reason that the only thing changed on Millennium Force and Power Tower are the lights themselves, as I'm sure they speak the same protocol as the old ones, so the old programs may as well continue to run on the old controllers.

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It seems to have a lot of potential. Hoping to make it up in July to see it first hand.

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I think it looks cool, but I don't find myself as the type to dance in the midways or even take the time to watch it in person as a trip to Cedar Point always puts me on a tight time frame to get in as many rides as possible. Therefore, I'll stick to the coasters while the rest of the general public enjoys this.

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Just get a Fast Lane pass and you wont have to worry about time.

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Hi-larious, Josh.

I love coasters a lot, but I don't think a fast pass is justified for the price unless I'm stupid enough to visit on the first day of Halloweekends again. Won't make that scheduling error again.

I love a busy park when I'm working in it, and when I hear about it. However, experiencing it as a guest is awful.

Hence the value of a fast pass. Some parks it doesn't matter even if the park is busy, but sometimes that flash pass bot or wristband or ticket is worth every penny. But I'm not gonna start on that. Lol

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