Lotte World manager faces charges for safety neglect after stampede

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Police on Wednesday sought an arrest warrant against a Lotte World manager on charges of neglecting safety measures to prevent a stampede for free admission to the amusement park in southern Seoul on Sunday. An investigator at Songpa police station said the safety manager, identified by the surname Roh, 53, could face criminal charges for neglecting his duty.

Read more from The Korea Times.

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Man, Korean jails are going to be filled with Lotte workers. At least they didn't offer free beer with the admission.
From the article: "On Sunday, Lotte World in Chamsil, one of the most attended theme parks in Korea, opened the park free of charge as part of efforts to clear its tainted image following a recent fatal accident."

"Early this month, a 28-year-old man died there after falling from a roller-coaster ride. The amusement park has come under attack for downplaying the incident. It decided to allow free admission for six days as a public apology for the death."

So now how do they clear their even more tainted image?

Actually, I think someone higher up the executive ladder than a low-level manager needs to be held accountable. I'm sure this guy wasn't allowed to go off on his own and hire additional security people and implement the whole plan (however half-a**ed) without the approval of someone above him.

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