Lots Og Ride Time And Re-Rides at SFA 5-17-03

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My buddies picked me up and headed for SFA. We arrived at SFA at 10:59 am. Our 1st ride of the day a coaster ride on Two-face The Flip Side.As we were getting into the coaster and pulling down are lap device they made us get off the ride because there was somthing wrong with it. So we decided to check back later. So now we are heading for Wild One and it was a walk on so we rode it in the very 1st row with our hand up. We sure got lot of air time on Wild One. Now It's time for to head for a flight on SROS As we were heading for Superman Ride Of Steel we saw thm test running PBR and the ride Attendants got a chance to test run PBR and loved it. We even ran into Sam Marks a PREZ of Coaster Zombies. Marks said that PBR should open on Wednesday and it looks very awesome ride.I can't wait to ride it. So we decided to for Batwing and come back to SROS. We only had to wait 10 minutes in Batwing line and rode it in the back row it was not as fun as the 1st row. We took in a flat ride on the Alpine Bobe after a fflat ride we took in another coaster ride on the Joker. Now it's time for a lunch break at Calsa Pizza. After a lunch break we went back to Two-Face The Flip Side a walk on . So we rode it in the very 1st row. We Also rode Roar as we got up to the coaster the breaking system was not working and there was a mechanic working on Roar. So we waited in line. So after many test runs we boarded the train. every thing was going fine until we reached the breaking zone every thing stoped on Roar and we were stuckm on it for only 15 minutes and the other train was stuck on the lift hill. We took in other flat rides Iron eagle, Flying Carousel, Tower of Doom and the Falling Star.After a ride on the Falling Star we rode Wild One for the 2nd time. After our 2nd run on the Joker we took a dinner break at Crazy Horse Saloon and a country show and it was a toe tappin good. Now it's time for another ride on Roar. So we ended our day of SFA with a coaster hopper and we go in 3 in a row laps on SROS.

Roar 2 laps Rate 10

Wild One 2 laps Rate 10+

Two-Face The Flip Side 1 lap Rate 10

Batwing 2 laps Rate 10+

SROS 6 laps Rate 10+

Rail Junkie

Umm,correct me if I'm wrong but we rode Batwing 3 times remember?

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