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Some things stay the same, but Worlds of Adventure sure has changed a lot since the Geauga Lake era. Check out pictures of the park showing old rides, old buildings and of course, old characters.

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And I helped with some of the ride information! Me! John Peck! I love to bragg!!!
Nice pictures.... ;)


When did seaworld open and did Geauga sell them the land?
John, since you are so full of knowledge about your home park, why not fill us in on Alex's question? :) Those are great pics! Love that Corkscrew. Too bad Explorer always poops out on me when I visit this site.
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Model coasters and rides
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I want to say Sea World opened it 71 or 72.
I am really not 100% sure if in fact they bought the land from Geauga or not. I have heard it both ways that they did or didn't.

DID YOU KNOW: that the rennesance of Geauga Lake in the late 60's early 70's was due to several Cedar Point Executives branching off from CP and buying GL. Thats why you see simalar rides at both parks (Space Needle, boat ride, looping coaster, european flat rides, sky ride, antique cars, log flume, etc.) (not now of course)

The mid to late 80's was extremely financialy hard for GL, as they lost a significant amount of money, and were not able to buy new high-tech giant rides. The early 90's were worse as the park struggled to fill the gates, fortunatly and unfortunatly, the aquisition of Premier Parks helped the park gain a new audience under the SF name.

And just think, we almost lost this park in the early 60's.

John, do you know the reasons for the decline in the 80s (I saw how many rides were removed) and who owned Geauga Lake prior to Funtime?

I love the history of my homepark. I just need to learn it :)
Edit: I took a picture of the rocket ships from Villian (they are in the boneyard across the street). Want me to email them to ya?

CP! Still the coaster capital of the world in 2002!
My fellow Americans; Let's Roll!
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Well, I really don't know why the decline happened. All I can assume with the removal of so many rides, was the maintainence cost. There was an accident in 1983 on their Fly-O-Plane that left a woman partially paralyzed, so I take it that didn't help their insurence much.

Plus, since the addition of the waterpark, it left the pools crowded and the midways bare, so that was good and bad in a way.

Prior to Funtime (1970-ish) I am really not to sure who indeed owned it.

The park was known as Meyers Lake in the late 1800's

Any OLD photos you see of the Big Dipper that DO NOT have Green rails, was prior to its entire rebuilding for the 1980 season.

NOTE GL had a Mad Mouse at one time. Looked like a Herchell. It was located on the site where the Palace Theater is now. The photo I saw was taken around 1965 or so.

I wish I knew more history on this place.
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Does anyone know what happened to Boblo Island.  That place was fun!
This news is about Geauga Lake, not Boblo. Boblo was auction in 1993? and is now condos.
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Did Geauga Lake/Six Flags Ohio/Six Flags Worlds of Adventure ever have a dark ride and will it ever?
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It had a haunted house many years ago. It was actually a very good one, from what my parents had said. I never got to experience it.
John, How did 2 parks in Ohio both get the name Meyers Lake? Meyers Lake Amusement Park was in Canton Ohio. That is until it burned down.
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Really?  Cool.  My favorite rides are probably dark rides and wooden coasters and while most parks, save BGW, seem to have wooden coasters, not all of them seem to still have dark rides and for this reason I'm really hoping that Six Flags Worlds of Adventure makes one.  They briefly mentioned having one when the first bought Sea World, but I have heard nothing since.  Along these lines, La Ronde in Montreal had an indoor coaster and a dark ride and with Six Flags buying them out, I really hope that La Ronde keeps those rides because I wanted to go there for graduation this summer, but if they replace them, I'd like to push for Six Flags Worlds of Adventure to acquire them.
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the park was owned by a lady named Koller in the 70s. remember when the big diopper was called the clipper in the 60s?

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