Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain - Recent Closures

Ride ops at Indiana Beach are saying this hasn't been open really since the beginning of the season. Any updates or schedule for maintenance?


When i was there 2 weeks ago, i asked why is it closed and was told they are waiting for parts.

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The ride is closed because it is at Indiana Beach. That's why.

That ride, and the tacos right next door, were the highlights of my latest trip to IB. Which was several/many years ago- I think it was the first year the fence went up and some of the rides started to lay in pieces.

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For the 1,000th time over the past decade...

"Spackman family, PLEASE buy your park back and restore it to it's former glory."


Thanks, that is all.

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I know, first hand, that on the last day of the season 2014, the lift track came down hard. Did NOT freefall! Just did not brake as it neared its base position. There was concern the hydraulic pump went out. Unsure if this is the current issue, but a possibility. Those pumps ain't cheap either!

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