Lost Coaster @ IB = WOW!

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I had my first ride on The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain (aka LoCoSuMo) today...and wow! What a ride. I only got one ride on it as it appeared to be having some minor problems during my stay at the park (I guess that's normal for prototypes). My seat was the front car, first seat, which is backwards.

You start out with guide wheels taking you to the elevator and enter without even a hint of bump when you get into it. Then it starts to raise very slowly and picks up speed; it's so smooth and quiet! Once you get to the top, there is no waiting, you are released immediately onto the track for a dip behind the mountain. It's so hard to explain this ride! It's surely not your average CCI. You are thrown from side to side, but not too violently, in my opinion. It's hard to remember what happens after you enter the mountain...but there are a lot of twists and sudden turns. Then somewhere you find yourself at the top floor of the mountain only to suddenly slow way down...then drop into a double up inside the mountain, followed by a turn that takes you outside to the front of the mountain. This is one of the fastest parts of the ride! After you re-enter the mountain, you are in darkness for most of the end of the ride...it's basically a wooden wild mouse that is out of control!

I was very impressed with this ride overall...there is still lots of work to be done, but once it's all complete, this ride will be awesome. Great job IB and CCI!

On a side note...Cornball was flying today! It seemed to be faster than any other time I've ridden.

Ride "The Lost Coaster of Superstition" @ Indiana Beach!

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good description of the ride. i found it to be very similar.

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I am just getting more anxious, but to calm that, I realize that most of the mechanical problems will be fixed by when I ride. Sounds great, I'll have to ride multiple times to get comfortable with the ride.

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