Looks like Knoebels is doing some more prep work for the black diamond

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Oh, I just looked up at the title of this thread...

Black Diamond, huh? I took a virtual ride on youTube, videoed when it was in it's previous location, and it really look boring as a coaster, but as a dark ride, it seems pretty cool.

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"look boring as a coaster, but as a dark ride, it seems pretty cool."

The Underground at Adventureland, or Fire in the Hole/Blazing Fury attractions (which basically all borrowed directly from Matterhorn Bobsleds, didn't they?) ;)

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Mamoosh said:
Black Diamond won't open until 2011 at the earliest.

Well they're cutting down all the trees next to the mining museum as we speak


Knoebels did manage to move an entire 3200 foot roller coaster from Texas and assemble it, with no blueprints mind you, in 6 months, so looks like they're trying to step up the timetable IMO.

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I know not everyone is on Facebook. But Knoebels posted pics of the Black Diamond site getting it's first concrete.


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...still predicting the ride doesn't open until 2011. Duane @ RCDB seems to agree:


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Kozmo Knoebel posted that they expect it to open in 2011 as well.

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2011? That means it will be opening 5 - 6 years before Flying Turns (or so it seems).

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Coastin' Steve on RRC says that the expected delay til 2011 is due to needing to get the scenery and stunts designed and built. I'm hoping this means that they're going to be good.

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If the stunts are going to be anything like their haunted mansion, then it should be incredible.

It's nice of the park to be working on two big rides at once, given that Flying Turns is taking so long. They may both end up opening around the same time. From what I've seen on YouTube, Golden nugget isn't really exciting as far as coasters are concerned, but as a dark ride, it has potential.

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Black Diamond has always been slated for 2011.

Here's some POV from the old GN about 3:44

You also get some POV from the old Hunts pier Flyer and can see the Skua in the background in a couple of shots.


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Looks neat. Can't wait to give it a whirl as Black Diamond.

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The latest word is that they will be building the building first. Then the assembly of the ride will happen which will probably be done by spring. What will take the longest are the stunts and artwork. They may do a soft opening before all the stunts are complete. But, in all likelihood, the finalized ride won't be done until 2011.

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So in short, it'll be open before Flying Turns.

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As of last night, the framing for the 3-story structure is mostly complete, along with what appears to be the structure for the lift from the 2nd to 3rd level. There is track visible on the second and third levels, although you can't see how extensive when looking from below. There is track in place at the bottom level "outside" the building.

Part of the roof has also been finished with sheet metal giving it a coal breaker look. It will complement the adjacent mining museum nicely.

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