lookng to make my 3rd and final trip to Gadv.

the only time i will be able to go is probably ona friday. iw as wounderign how have the crowds been on fridays and what time does the park open. i think i recall soetime at night around 5 maybe. let me know guys thanks. *** Edited 10/3/2006 5:59:01 PM UTC by paul87***
How did you do that Gonch?
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It's the wonder of magic and imagination.

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^ You cheated and used the interweb....

"Shenangians!" ;)

and how are the crowds?
I would expect 39,675.8 people to be in front of you for Ka, 4,567.92 people in front of you for Nitro and 2,109.45 people with FastPasses that won't let you into any line. You'll be stuck waiting in the lines all day, never get to ride anything, and if you're lucky, get sprayed with the "happy sauce" when it's time to clean out the bathrooms!

... or you know, you could not ask questions that no one can answer since we haven't perfected time travel yet on this board (but we're working on it! I think it has somethin' to do with Gonch's old rockin' hairdo ... )

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Yeah, and since I went legit with the hair all hopes of time travel may be lost.

I'm so lame.

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You can find out the information at http://www.gadv.com/
^ or by simply visiting the Six Flags website at http://www.sixflags.com :)

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

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^ or by simply clicking the link I gave in the original reply that goes directly to the operating hours calendar on the Six Flags website. :)

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Or by posting a smart-ass remark. Oh wait, that won't help you. But it sure is fun!

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You want fun? How about the use of the word "final" in the thread title....now THAT is fun! :)
I went on a Friday on the last weekend of Fright Fest last year, and while it was crowded, the evening events pull people away from certain rides. One of the great things about Kingda Ka is that it disappears at night. Except for the lights at the top of the tower, it's not easy to tell if it's actually running from other parts of the park. Even from El Toro, the only "real" way to know is to watch if the lights at the top disappear in sequence. The Golden Kingdom gets kind of "abandoned" at night as well, since it's primarily a kids area.

You should have no problem with Medusa, Runaway Mine Train, Rolling Thunder, and GASM at night. Expect your long lines to be for Nitro, B:TR, and El Toro.

i thnak u for ur nice reply. dont know why everyone else has to be a smart ass. this is almost as bad as the volkswagen forums i go on lol
ewe tiepe gooder
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And all this time I am still wondering whether they have stopped teaching English and Spelling in schools. ;)

I think someone just eliminated the letter "y" from the alphabet when we weren't looking. :)

(Hint for paul87 and others: Here we actually spell out the words "you" and "your." Honest. You agreed to also, it's part of the TOS for the site. Go over to the Tools menu on the right side ---> and click on "about Coasterbuzz.")

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