Looking for POV (downloadable) movies

Thursday, August 2, 2001 5:46 AM
I am looking for a Quicktime,MPG of Shivering Timbers and Hypersonic XLC. Anyone know of anywhere to get them? I do not want a streaming video please. Thanks.
Thursday, August 2, 2001 6:30 AM
BadNitrus Has tons of computer animated POVs. They are great and all of them can be downloaded.

Also check out http://www.coastervideos.com/

Thursday, August 2, 2001 6:33 AM
Been to both before but I am basically looking for the 2 I mentioned.
Thursday, August 2, 2001 6:47 AM
This is all there is, it's streaming though. If you get the ASFRecorder, you can download it & save it, just like MPEGs. To get it, search for a site that has it then download & install it. http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/coasters/video/video.html (The POV video is awesome.)

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