Looking for past Employee's from West View Park

I worked at West view from '73 to '76. Started as a ride operator (Paratrooper, Round up, Caterpillar) went on to manage the Antique Cars, became a ride mechanic for last 2 years. Worked with Fritz, Steve, Ricky, Jinx, Tom, Igor & others

Got to close the park in '73, disassembled all the Iron rides, painted & rebuilt over the winter, put it all back together (do you know how many light bulbs there are in an amusement park?)

Best memory was getting the Dips & Whippet & Kiddie Dips going. Here's the process: Walk the track with a can of grease and a brush, spread the grease on the inside guide rail, and the bottom of the keeper rail (that's the angle iron that keeps the car from flying off the track). Grease the wheels on the car and sit in the front seat with a large oil can, insert the spout in a hole in front of the wheels, when you get to the top of the first hill and start over, you pump like crazy! In '74 we didn't make it around Mae West Bend (on the Big Dips) because of a wheel freezing up. Had to use a winch to pull the car to the flat spot on the return segment and free the bearing from the axle.

Worst memory; washing the continuous supply of puke off rides!

Who else worked at the park during this time?

Past employee ('73 to '76)

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