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When I go to Cedar Point in September, I'll be arriving late Friday afternoon the 14th, checking into my motel, and heading to the park. I'll probably wind up eating in the park, and I was thinking Pink. Never had one of their dogs, so I wanted to solicit some opinions. Help a brother out, guys.

Also, exactly where is Pinks located within the park? The CP website just says "on the midways."

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The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


Tried it once. I can honestly say I was not that impressed. It was OK, but not something I would go out of my way for.

If you can walk right in and order, go for it. If there is a long line, and sometimes there is, there are other options.

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We tried it the first week it opened.Just like Bozman, we weren't impressed either.Long lines, over priced, and was o.k., not great. If you've never ate at one than try it. It's located to the right of the Lofts ice cream parlor on the main midway in the front of the park.Look for the large rotating hotdog, you can't miss it.


After seeing L.A.'s Pink's covered so many times on food channels for one reason or another, I was more than anxious to try it. I liked it, and have eaten there 3 or 4 times now. Here's my review.

The hotdogs themselves are delicious, they're long and narrow, have a snap to the casing, and aren't mushy like the dogs you find elsewhere in the park or at the supermarket. The coney sauce is tasty, but kind of bland, certainly not spicy. The only real problem I had with the dog was the cheese. Apparently the Pink's thing to do is to lay a big slice of American cheese on top of everything. I don't know how you take 'em in New Jersey, but here in the midwest our coneys have plenty of sharp, shreddy cheese on top that melts all over.

Look up a menu, (i cant seem to copy/paste here for some reason), they offer various specialty dogs with Hollywood names, and some local flavor thrown in for the Sandusky location. The building is small, but really cute, with retro photos and everything in pink and white. I've never had a long wait there, but I tend to go early before they get really busy. Everything is made to order, and it's counter service, so I can see how the wait could be excruciatingly long on a busy day.

Is this more than you wanted to know? Then let me add this... the onion rings ROCK. Big fatties, nice and hot outta the grease and lots of em. I'd go there just for those!

P.S. Don't know how you feel about Fridays, but the fellas behind the bar in the Breakers location will treat you right.

Thanks, guys. RCMAC, definitely NOT more than I wanted to know...I take all I can get. I love onion rings, so I'm glad to read your words. Thing is...I don't take ANYTHING on my dog. Cheese on it doesn't appeal to me, but I don't even do mustard, sauerkraut, relish, etc. Call me weird, I'm certainly used to it.

I like Fridays, but I'm not much of a drinker anymore.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


Oh, you're welcome. My skills as an amateur park food gourmand have finally come in handy!
If you like the dogs plain, then definitely try one of these. Like i said, yummy. Why, just last night we had some real meat dogs from Thurns, a local meat packer here in Columbus. I threw em on the grill til they split, and I had mine plain. Delicious. So I'm totally hip.
Have fun on your trip!

Consider me very underimpressed, then again I am used to Packo's

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I, too, like mine plain. We ate there when it opened. My first thought after eating it was WTF is this?! Very disappointed. When it comes to plain dogs, I miss the colossal dogs at the old Gulliver's Grill by Magnum.

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The dogs are pretty good. (RCMAC gave you a good review). In terms of food quality, it is better than the "typical" CP location.

However, much like every other CP location, the service is GLACIAL. Or, at least it was the year it opened. In the Brave New World, it might be better, hard to say---I haven't had the chance to go back recently.

Yeah, I still don't understand the American cheese thing either.

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Well...I can't really comment on plain dogs...we've got tons of yummy hot dogs in our area that I would be willing to bet would crush Pink's, but they've all got stuff on them.

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This may sound ridiculous but some of the best plain dogs you can get are the Kosher ones on the roller grill at your local gas station.

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