Long walk to the Beast this year

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I got my pass processed.

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I too was worried about the reflection pand at Knott's...

Where are you from?...Baston?

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Hey! I resemble that remaaaak! Nah. it's da cah on Havard yahd ya gota warry about.

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Jeff, if you come up with a Charmland postcard, I'll buy one for my collection. Seriously. :)

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Thanks, Jeff, for my PPP costume idea :)
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Wow... all this talk about construction and a possible new coaster has got me shivering with anticip............pation!
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Hahaha..."Lighty the Lightpost".

I also love that Charm Lake is not recommended for guests of exceptional size.

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This is the thread where I linked to the rumored/leaked/whatever-it-is layout. Warning: do not go far beyond the first page, it is some serious "Whatever happened to Coasterbuzz?" material. ;)

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And even if they did build one out in the woods it would require the removal of several trees

Which grow back, in case you forgot.

Is this a problem? It's an amusement park, not a metro-park.

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Mamoosh said:
I too was worried about the reflection pand at Knott's...

Where are you from?...Baston?

Nice catch Momaash! ;)

I might like the beans, but you can have those stinky red socks. ;)

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Check out screamscape for an even newer photo of the site... It's kinda quality (looks like a cell phone pic), but I can see 15 footings or so in just the small patch of land shown in the pic... looks like transfer track footings to me?..
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I like the map. But 'Flight Deck' still makes me chuckle - awful!


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