LONG lines for Diamondback: DON'T PANIC!

It is possible to assign seats for any coasters, but, is the park ready to put 2-3 groupers at it? That's what Tokyo Disney does for Raging Spirits (run 6 12 seats trains, using a load and unload station for 1600 pph) and Space Mountain (12 12 seats trains, on a 16-18 seconds interval, using one station) and there's never an empty seat and Raging Spirits even has a single riders line.

Universal use a grouper at Hulk during busy times and as far as I know, there's never an issue there, even if he potentially has 3 lines to deal with (Universal Express, regular, single riders).

I cant ride Millennium, or Dragster, That is because i have a bigger gut and but ;-) I play hockey and referee it all week long in the winter so i have skinny and muscular legs. my thighs are not that big ether. Do you guys think ill have a problem. Id hate to wait in a 3 to 4 hour line and then not be able to ride. That is what happened at the end of last season on Milli. I was able to ride all summer until the end of the year and all of the sudden NOPE!
Should i be worried??

Anybody who designs an amusement ride to use seat belts needs to have his head examined. If there is any way at all to avoid putting seat belts on a ride, it is smart to do so because belts cause all manner of grief for very little benefit. The bad thing is that there are factions within the industry that think seat belts are a good idea on all rides. Fortunately we are not to that point. And B&M are clever enough to design redundant-locking restraints that satisfy industry requirements without seat belts.

Diamondback actually has two test seats. The one out on the midway is a conventional test seat with a go/no go latching lap bar. The one under the ride entrance sign is electrified and is a better analog to the seats on the train.

Personally, I think they could speed up loading a bit if there were a 'go' light (not just a stripe) on the lap bar for each seat, so the attendants would spend less time getting one more notch on people who don't need it and more time on helping the people who do.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

so now that b&m has a legitimate airtime machine, how does it compare to intamin's airtime machine: sfne s:ros/bizarro?

coasterqueenTRN said:
The line wasn't nearly as bad as it looked. It kept moving and the ride ops were on top of things very nicely!

Thats the way it is in every line. Funny actually. The line for Maverick when it opened was the same way but moved quite fast. Well if there was no down time at least.

Good points Dave about a light, However I will say that every restraint needs checked. Remember SFNE

d_port_12E said:
Agreed...Looks beautiful from international street, too! Especially while enjoying a latte outside Starbucks!

Forget the latte's it's the mocha frap's for me & KD made mine just the way I like it too.Anyhow a long line that's constantly moving will seem like nothing even when compared to a shorter line that barely moves at all....so long as the ops are moving efficiently(and safely) then the ride can be dispatched much sooner allowing for more guest traffic per hour.

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