Long: GADV Sunday and Monday July 1st/2nd

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Sorry for the delay but I've been busy since I went to the park.
Day 1:Sunday me and my friends got there at around 11:30 and headed right to KK because we saw it running 4 trains from the parking lot. Got in line an saw about a 45 minute line so we decided to wait for it. After about 15 minutes there was a half hour breakdown, they sent out 2 trains another half hour breakdown. This happened many times until I got into to station due to many people leaving the line, all in all after 3 hours I was getting on the 2nd row of Blueberry Muffin. While it was a great ride it wasnt worth the 3 hr wait obviously.

Now at this point my thinking is "Same Six Flags GADV different day." So we went out and got some lunch at Burger King which was good and made our trek back into the park. We decided to hit up Medusa, while waiting in line we saw them put the 3rd train on which was preaty cool to watch. After 40 minutes we got on and was a great ride as usual. We went to El Toro but my one friend was not ready for El toro so we went over to Nitro.

We went over to Nitro when I didn't see any line which I thought was strange, the employee at the entrance said it would be down for a while probobly about 4 hours. " Nitro broken down?" was my thought. So we went over to Batman which we waited about 35 minutes for. While in Batman's line we saw Nitro running, it was about 20 minutes not 4 hours. We got on front row of batman which I haven't ridden in a while. I had forgotten the intensity of this ride!! For its age it still gives a great ride. We than went over to Nitro which had a 20 minute wait with 3 train operation. We got on the back which still gave a great ride despite the trims being on. We than went on Nitro again which my one friend decided to sit out because he was tired. 15 minute wait for the back which was a good ride once again. Nitro never fails to deliever a good ride, its not a GREAT ride but its always a good ride. We hit up Skull Mountain with no wait, meh its an ok ride, good starter ride.

We made our way over to El Toro and convinced my one friend to ride. It was about a 30 minute wait for the back row. I tell ya the lift does slow down a little bit at the top but it doesnt affect the ride at all. Holey Moley this ride is great, the intesnity, the massive airtime, extreme laterals, this ride has it all. At this point it still did not over take Superman: Ride of Steel as my favorite but still a great ride. By this time it was about 9:00 and in my determined state to get on KK at night this year we made our way over to KK. My one friend decided to go back to the truck and sleep until we were done.

So we get to KK and expect a hour line. Upon arrival to the ride there was no line!! Walk right up into the station. We decided to wait for the front on Schoolbus with about a 6 train wait. After about 20 minutes we were on. It was pitch black out as we rolled out onto the launch track, this was my 6th ride on KK but nothing matched the anticipation of this one. As I stared down the launch track I coulden't even see the end!! The launch was amazing with cool air whizzing past me, near the end of the launch track it seemed as if I got sprayed with water. Everything about this ride was amazing. KK at night in the front is the greatest rush that I have ever experianced on a coaster. KK is not my favorite coaster but it deffinatly provides the most rush.

We walked over to El Toro to get a night ride on this beast. We waited about 15 minutes for the back. The timing of this ride was the best. The ride was amazing at night, and whoever came up with the fact that the ride warms up over the day is correct. This ride was cruising!! Well we got back into the station with only a few air gates filled, the ride op said that we could fill any row that was empty and we got on in the middle of the train. The ride in the middle isnt as good as the back but its not much worse!! I was suprised because I figured the middle would be bad. Well we get back in the station the asked if we wanted to ride again, which we gladly did. After the ride he asked if we wanted to ride again! It was amazing 4 night rides in a row without getting up!! It doesnt get any better than that! This is when El Toro eclipsed Superman Ride of Steel as my #1 coaster. It doesnt get any better than El Toro.

Day 2: On Monday me and my one friend decided to go for rise and scream. We got there a little late around 10. It was Nitro and Batman which we didnt mind. We got to nitro and found each train with 4 people in it, got on the back row with no trims which was great. Re-rode one row up than went to batman which had a one train wait for the front, it was great. Than went back to nitro and waited 2 trains for the front. The front does not even compare to the back. Barely any air time, it wasn't that good of a ride. By this time it was 10:30 and the GP was making their way into the park. I walked past chiller and got some good pictures of the trains and went on my way. Got on Houdini which was fun since I never rode it before.

We went over to medusa and got on 2 rides without any wait. We than went to Rolling Thunder which I have never been on before. We got both sides in the front with no wait, RT is not a great ride but its fun, it was my first racing coaster which was fun. I prefer the right side to the left. We got on El Toro in the back with about a 20 minute wait, once again great ride. After this we got some lunch at WaWa which was a great deal. After about a 1 1/2 hr lunch we went back to the park. When we got in we decided to ride Great American Scream Machine, which I never liked because of its headbanging. After about a 20 minute wait we got on the next to last row. I actually enjoyed the ride!! Barely any headbanging, very disorienting.

Throughout the rest of the day we got on KK twice in the front, Nitro in the back, Medusa in the back, El toro in the back twice Great American Scream Maching once and both sides of Rolling Thunder in the back.

Summary: The park was running great both days besides the first KK encounter. El Toro is my new #1 and it just gets better every single time I ride it, anyone who hasnt ridden it yet must ride it, and 4 re-rides after closing without getting up is an experiance I will never forget.To say that Six Flags and especially GADV is not GREATLY improved over the past two years is lying to themselves. Except for the begining I have never seen more people having fun at a a park. And while leaving both nights I saw no line at Guest Relations and in the parking lot the first night I heard someone screaming from their car "This park is awsome!!!". Not something that I would hear in previous years. If someone hasnt made it out there this year its best you do because I have never seen the park run better. This was my best trip to an amusment park ever.

Ride Count:
El Toro: 8
Kingda Ka:4
Rolling Thunder:4
Great American Scream Machine:2
Skull Mountain:1
Movie Town Water Effect:1

Total 2 day Ride count: 32

Nitro is the greatest.

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