Long evening at PKI

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Sunday, May 26, 2002 6:34 PM

Hey Peeps!

Boy did i just have the best day at pki.

When i got in there i went strait to face-off and i saw my best friend greendaykid88 there and we pretty much hung out together, but we split up a couple times.

So while he was on TR i was next door to him on the Beast. And i am with greendaykid88 on this one the trim brakes kill and they drop the rating on it also.

But anyways when i got off the Beast he was still in line for TR. He got done so he went over to the Beast and i was almost there. The theming kicks A**!!!!!

I love that ride and the part where u just hang there and whatch the lava boil. We met at Racer , so we decided to ride it and we got on there in about 20 min.

I rode it backwards and there is no hang time if ur going backwards. Then we went to the Vortex an d got on that in about 25 min ( the line never stops moving and it is rough as hell. Now here comes the big one but hey i only rode it twice but it is still a great ride . I got on it in about 45 mins. and that ride is a smooth one and i got to tell ya!!!! OH yeah it was THE SON OF BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After we ate lunch we just did every thing again but the lines were longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, May 26, 2002 7:47 PM
Great TR! Glad you had fun!

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