Long but divided - July 1st - 8th - CP/GL/DP/SFGA - Not impressed with six flags.

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Well, for my birthday week, I go to at least 3 or 4 different parks. Not to bore anyone, but We'll start from the beginning, in the single rider express lane

July 1st
I decided to go to Cedar Point for a few hours then go to Geauga Lake later that day. For once, i actually used my Joe cool Club entrance, which actually turned out to be a great investment. Getting in an hour early, and getting ERT in the morning. Pretty Sweet. Rode Millennium 3 times, and never noticed how rough it was early in the morning. Rode the first ride of the day, and nearly all the blood rushed from my head, a First for me ever. But then I went to Maverick at 9:25, and the line was about, an hour and a half. Well, first, it's ERT for Joe cool, there weren't many of us there, but everyone had the same Idea, knock out Maverick early. After I rode front, by far a different ride than the back, IMO, I walked to dragster, which broke down for the morning. Left CP.

July 1st
After picking up my still drunk friends from Kent, Oh, i went to Geauga with my bud, who says it sucked. he's from Chagrin Falls, has been going his entire life, a devoted X-Flight fan. But I thought it was a fantastic park. Besides the fact it grew dead by the end, We got there around 7pm, to beat the crowd. Rode Thunderhawk, and loved it. There were no lines, so we rode front and Back. We headed over to Dominator, and there was surprisingly a line. waited about 15 minutes, and got on, and Dominator is hands down my favorite floorless. Besides that humongous Vertical loop, the drop was amazing, and the Cobra roll couldn't have been better. for some reason the Wooden coasters weren't operating. So we headed to ride Mind Eraser, which was the usual Boomerang coaster with excessive head banging. We went to the back of the park to check on Villan, and decided to waste time on the Double Loop. Besides the coaster credit, there was no point in riding it. Rode front, and the hill after the second loop, murdered my chin. Horrible. but the back of the train was more pleasant.
We then caught a ride on Dipper and a few rides on Thunderhawk and Dominator to close the park.

July 5th
After a short break for work, Red white and Boom, 4th of July, and a morning Plane ride to Philly, i arrived to my first day of east coasters with a 100% chance of rain. I thought to myself, I'm going to Dorney Park no matter what. My Dad's place was 5 miles down, so it'll be no worry to go, and the rides were closed. but i did go once the rain began to cease. I rode White Water Landing to get my self up to par of drenched as the rest of the crowd. Rode Talon because it was the first to Open. First impression of the park, seeing as I haven't been there since I was 8 or 9. Riding the first ride of the day, i'm assuming, non stop rain and thunder action, It was fairly tame. Went it was advertised, I assumed more. i usually doing look into coasters that I plan on riding, so i'm not ruining the coaster. but when i was RCT junkie, I created actual parks, and Talon was popular but wasn't exciting enough. And it wasn't. I did enjoy the ride, but I felt like, it needed more. I also rode Hydra that had no line, and it didn't live up to expectations. I think hydra may be the most advanced floorless B&M has made, but it's only exciting at the drop. It was a genuine ride but it ended too soon. Utilize the area that Hercules was in! I then noticed it's definitely been a while, seeing as Steel Force was looking rather old, and I hadn't ridden it yet. Coming from Cedar Point, Steel Force wasn't all that special, except for the signature helix mid way, that was nice, but It's no Magnum. I listened to riders, who claimed Steel force to be the tallest in the world, and scariest coaster out there. I just chuckled and only wished some coasters were portable, i.e. the entirety of Cedar Point. It was getting late, so I rode a few more rides of talon and hydra and called it a day.

July 6th
Six Flags Great Adventure. The one park that i was a fan of and never been to my entire life. Boy was i surprised to find, it not a happy place to be. The Chiller coasters were closed, and the greeters weren't really greeting. I went in line for batman, and was suprised to find the operators yelling(yes. yelling.) at the riders. For little things like, unbuckling seat belts, and wanting to ride with friends, so they let others get in front of them. I thought to myself, why the anger. My little brother lost his glasses on the ride, so we put in a request for lost glasses, and they said they'll look for them, and let us know in 4 weeks. I know the park isn't responsible, but within reason, most parks will actually search if there is urgency. In which there was, my brother is legally blind in one eye, and can hardly see out of the other, the glasses($700) help his good eye to see. With out them, he is helpless if he didn't have anyone with him. My parents agreed to wait for employees to search when the park was closed or before opening, but six flags decided not to go through the trouble. We even knew where he lost them, at the loop. But the day didn't get any better. Nitro and the river raft ride were very enjoyable. Went to Skull Mountain, and was in front of a girl, who had no volume control, or general public training. Yelling, and pushing strangers, other parents would have smacked the S**t out of her, but her dad and sister acted like she wasn't harming anyone. But riding SM, was a fun in teh dark coaster. Won't ride again, but it was fun.

Six Flags didn't get any better, when we went to Johnny rockets to eat. i won't go into depth, but lets just say, in this case, the customer was right 100% of the time. the employees didn't read receipts correctly, over charged food, and truly didn't care for the customers. i'm sure if JR knew that establishment was that poorly run, they would surely shut it down. I then left there to cheer me up to get on Kingda Ka. Let's just say, the line wait was 30 minutes, but in reality, i was on the platform for an hour. For some reason they wouldn't make up their mind whether they wanted to keep 4 trains or use 2 to keep the line for the ride. i rode front with my brother who was too scared to keep his eyes open, but I wouldn't blame him. The ride wasn't all that enjoyable. it was fun, but really rough, and way too fast. There was not time at the top. All the trains were flying over the top. The day began to get better after that. I rode Rollling thunder, a stupid coaster that isn't fun when only one side is going.

The highlight of the trip was finally riding El Toro. The best coaster at the park. I enjoyed all of it. I'm sure everyone has ridden it, so i'll go on. Medusa was fun in the rain. Superman wasn't worth it. And Great American Scream Machine had no line for a reason. i tried my best to avoid employees, skipping my season pass upgrade to aid the rest of the season. There wasn't a single worker at the Guest Services window. It was horrible.

July 7th/July 8th
To be short and quick, went back to Dorney Park and rode the coasters. Rose Lazer and thunderhawk(Which is the name for every coaster). I went to the Water park for most of the day, and enjoyed that.

Overall impressions:

-Cedar Point - Still #1
-Geauga Lake - In the process, but will become a great park again, has the rides.
-Dorney Park - Perfect combination between Dry rides and Water Park. If it were one without the other, it would suck. But it's a great park. Would love to go back anytime.
-Six Flags Great Adventure - If I go back, it'll be a El Toro Marathon. Probably the worst SF park I've been to. If El Toro was removed, i'd never go again.

Well, that's all. Off to Kings Island tomorrow.

-Why is Wicked Twister closed?
~Biting Flies.
-Biting Flies...

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