Lodging inquiry for PPP 2007

^^ gator, half of those Southern Columbia HS boys ARE bigger than college players (5 state championships in a row)-- and so are some of the people attending the Covered Bridge fest craft show :)

Besides, you don't want to put a PSU football crowd on Route 54 or 487. THAT would be some major gridlock.

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^ LOL, the gridlock is why I "suggested" it...you should know by now that I'm 99.44% pure evil, and .56% pure fun... :)

I can't say for certain, but I stopped by Lakemont last year and Little Dipper was off-limits to *adults*....Lakemont apparently doesn't KNOW that I'm a child (in addition to being evil)... ;)

Idlewild....I guess it's not a secret anymore, I'm a BIG fan of the place...at least 50% bigger than most of their fans...
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You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Little Leaper at Lakemont was my 100th. If I had held LTD for last it would have been. Of course I had to head right for it.


I never got Little Leaper. When I was there this summer, they refused to let me ride. Later I was talking to a manager while they were doing some work on LTD, and in the conversation, I asked about it and he said that the park had gotten fined by the state 2 weeks prior for letting adults ride.

So I imagine it would not be included in any future events. Just like how Little Laser @ Dorney is no longer included in any events either.

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gator, an evil child? Are you going to start sending people to the corn field? ;)
Luckily, I got both them credits :)

Gator is the Cre-Ho of Cre Ho's. The man beat up Grandma at Conneaut Lake to ride Little Dipper, Then he ran over some kids to get his Jr. Phantom ride. :)

Want proof, It's in my videos :)

Sorry Bill :)

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LOL @ the "reason" Tim got....I had started to post this earlier, but thought it was a little distrcting to the conversation...since *evolved*. Once the initial post gets answered, it can become a free-for-all sometimes... :)

Parks give a WHOLE variety of reasons, from burned out lift motors to damaged track to wild stories of derailment if they don;t want adults riding. Preventing a longer line for the kids is probably the MOST valid reason in most cases, LOL.

Grandma wanted me....she knew what was good, LOL. No children were ever harmed, nor delayed in their ride experience.....but now I want to get a GoldBot to go ride a kiddie coaster over and over and over until the children cry...

99.45% evil...and counting... ;)

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gator, I understan all that.. but this was on a day where the park was dead. I would have been the only one on the ride... for about half an hour :)

Especially since my buddy I was with had ridden it without any problem about a month earlier. So why would a park that was carefree not too much earlier change so drasticaly? Money talks.

As I said, it makes sense as to why Dorney wouldn't include it on ERT sessions like in years past. Same ride, same state, same possible fine.

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Actually there may be some truth to either not allowing or Limiting the adult riders.

We found Quassy by accident and specifically asked if we could ride their kiddy Herschell, The op said yes. Me and Rob strolled up to the ticket machine and came back to a different op saying we couldn't ride. I told him the other op said we could so they let us on, Going up the chain the dog skipped four times. Kinda scared me.

Honestly tho, I think it's a maintainence issue as working in proper order, Almost all these coasters should be able to handle a small train of adults.

Chuck, who says Lesourdsville even put seat dividers in it's Herschell to keep adults off.

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I guess being 5'4 and female has it's advantages. I have NEVER been ultimately denied a kiddy coaster credit with the exception of Libertyland's, but then the ride op felt sorry for us and let us ride anyway. Well, I think he mostly felt sorry for Bill. ;)

"We better hurry up and ride before the other ACER's see us!"

HA! Classic. :)


Liza, You're a Glutton for Punashment! Flying to O-Hare for HN. I flew into Milwaukee for the ACE Convention at Great America and Wisconsin Dells. I decided to take a drive through Chicago to visit Indiana Beach. :( BAD MISTAKE :( It took me FIVE HOURS to drive the 80 Miles from the Wisconsin Border to the Indiana Border! From Now On, If I want to Visit Great America and the 'dells I'll stay NORTH of Chicago, If I decide to do Indiana Beach I'll fly into Indianapolis! There is a name for people try to drive through Chicago (Or New York City). The're called MASOCHISTS!

(For PPP Last Year I flew into Philadelphia in the evening and got out of there as fast as I could. I overnighted in King of Prussia and took a Train into Philadelphia so I wouldn't have to "Battle the Traffic" in order to see its Historical Sights. NEVER AGAIN will I Visit SFGAdv on Columbus Day! It took me almost 8 hours to do the four Coasters on my "Hot List"!)


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