Litter of Siberian tiger cubs at Six Flags Great Adventure increase endangered population by 1%

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While Siberian tigers are the largest cats in the world, averaging 11 feet long with a three-foot tail, their survival rate in the wild is only 50%. Five cubs were born at Six Flags Wild Safari last month.

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Tiger cubs are ridiculous. I had no idea this subspecies was in this much trouble. Another reason why accredited zoos and aquariums are so important.

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I'd love to have a big cat as a pet if there was zero percent chance of my face being ripped off.

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@Vater wants to become the next Tiger King.

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I really just want the mullet.

Wow, two mullet posts in as many days. What has happened to CoasterBuzz?

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There’s a non-zero chance of your face being ripped off even with a small cat.

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Yeah, that did cross my mind, but I feel like there would need to be other contributing factors (besides simply being in the same room as the cat) for that non-zero percentage. Like, I'd have to already be dead, or in a coma, or my arms and legs bound, or possess an enthusiastic willingness to have my face ripped off by a house cat, etc. And I'm talking full face here...not just an eye or earlobe or chunk of cheek or something.

But put me in a room with a big cat and the percentage of losing 100% of my face goes up considerably without any other criteria.

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Yeah, and don’t die in the house and leave them hungry.


There’s a non-zero chance of your face being ripped off even with a small cat.

Attacked and scratched by a housecat > Rip Ride Rockit

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