Lindy Loop ride

I have found a picture of an interesting ride that named "Lindy Loop"

I have found out, that was built from Spillmann. Does anybody know if still exist one in a park? Has someone got photos of this type ride?

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I wish. I loved that ride when I was younger. I don't know how many parks ever had them, but the one in the picture sure looks like it's from the park I know-- the lattice around the platform, the trees and the small building in the background.

Would be great if some park (say Knoebels) could find one in reasonably good shape and restore it.

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What did the ride do?

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
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Well, you see those curved supports holding up the canopy on each car? They're actually like runners on a sled. As the car moved over the track (similar to a Tilt-a_whirl with peaks and dips), the car would slide freely along those runners. So you'd rock front and back, sometimes almost as high as the canopy.

Forgot to mention... the car had a single bench seat and the "restraint" consisted of a single strap kind of like a dog's leash that hooked into a metal loop at one end of the seat.

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It seems kind of like a Looper, except with dips and the cars are on tracks and can't completely loop. If any park would get one Id bet Knoebels like you said RGB. *** Edited 6/19/2006 10:32:03 PM UTC by P18***
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Looks like this guy but without going upside down:

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Rok-n-rolls are just a "new" version of a Looper. *** Edited 6/20/2006 3:23:43 PM UTC by P18***
It's my understanding, though, that the "Rok-n-Roll" spins the tubs automatically, unlike the old Looper where the spinning is under rider control.
Oh ok, thats probably true. Im sure the looper would be too much "work" for some people lol.
On the Lindy Loop. the riders are facing forward side by side, so that's another difference. Because of the dips and inclines, the degree of the swing would also vary. You'd go along with a few gentle swings, then hit it right and you're suddenly almost looking straight down.

About the Looper-- it's like the old saying, getting there is half the fun.

true, I mean't this "day and age", but the popularity of the one at Knoebels is proving that wrong.
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Actually I'm pretty sure the Rok-n-Roll had a foot pedal that activated a clutch that caused them to flip. However, if you left it alone, the ride would rock anyway.

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The only version of the Lindy Loop (named, of course for Charles Lindbergh) that I ever saw was at Lakewood Park in Barnesville, PA. (In fact, I believe that is where that photo is from, if memory serves me). It was a "Spillman Park" with most of the rides constructed by Spillman and dating to the 1930's. They had a Lindy Loop, Looper, Heydey (reminds you of a Whip), carousel (last located in Michigan), wild mouse and at one time a coaster (not sure of the builder at this moment). The park was dissolved in the 1980's, but other than the carousel, I don't know what happened to the rides. Such a shame, as there were precious few of these around to begin with. Hopefully they were sold and are in storage somewhere.

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I can only guess that you were talking about Lakewood. Any idea what happened to those rides? I'm guessing they got scrapped, but was never able to confirm that....
That's the place, Comet. I thought that looked like Lakewood in that picture of the Lindy.

You're right about the Carousel. It was sold to a museum in Grand Rapids MI. According to Knoebels' website, their hand carts and a number of their "Panther" cars came from Lakewood. Not sure what happened to any of the others. I'm assuming they just got scrapped or were left to rust.

There were 2 wooden coasters at Lakewood at one time. According the RCDB, the "big" coaster was a Miller design. It ran along the shore of a man-made lake. That was torn down sometime in the early to mid-60s. There was also a small out and back coaster commonly called the Kiddie Coaster. Other rides (that I remember from the 60s) included a Laff in the Dark, Dodgems, Octopus, Flyers, and a train. A number of kiddie rides too.

The Hey-Dey was great. It was like a combination whip and twister. It had front and back seats, and could spin all the way around. The track was oval like a whip, but longer and wider. The turnarounds were raised and there was a dip along the straightaways.

Too bad all those great rides are gone. Another example of an owner who never wanted to put a dime back into the park. Supposedly, the family was looking to sell the property for a housing development because public sewage was being built in the area. The project got held up in litigation, and re-designed several times. Meanwhile the park just rusted away-- or got burned down.

I think that it could have remained a small viable park for years if they just kept up the maintenance and added a ride or other improvements every few years. In the mid to late 70's, I'd say that Lakewood had as many rides as Knoebels did, and possibly even more visitors.

Since I was there late it its life, I don't remember the other rides. It kinda dried up around the same time as we lost all of the other PA parks. The 1980's was a hard decade for our classic parks. I once went through the list on Joel's defunctparks site and figured out that I was to just about as many parks that aren't there any more as I was to the ones still around (all over the US)!

I might just look into what happened to those rides--you just never know.....

Thanks for all replies :) I see that some of you remember this ride. We in Germany had no those type of ride. It is sad, that other manufacturers built similar rides, the Looper is similar, but it has no hills and valleys.
I hope that some has photos of this type or links to a photo etc.

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Any idea what happened to those rides?

Maybe Dick Knoebels bought it at auction and its sitting in storage to one day be put in use? We can dream, right? ;)

Has Knoebels a Lindy Loop, does anybody know the name or have a photo of it?

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