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Hello all, I just returned from a trip between Rhode Island and Mass looking at colleges. One of the particular colleges I was checking out happened to be UMASS Dartmouth, to get there "I HAD TO USE RT. 6" *wink*wink* on the way i did pass the park at around 2:45pm but i had an appointment at the college at 3 so I had to hold off the snooping around till after. Now its about 5:30pm, I was like dam its getting dark so I rushed back to the park. I used the street that runs down the side of the old parking lot, hoping to find at least one hole in the fence, i was lucky I found about 18 holes, so now I was walking across the snow covered parking lot staring up at the Comet, now the rumors that the lift hill collapsed are 100% true, at about half way the whole top of the lift snaped and fell to its right, but surpisingly not one piece had landed in the parking lot it was contained into the structure. So being my first time visiting the park, I was willing to take some chances considering it might be the last time I see the park, so I wondered into the station s***ing my pants because of the severe rotting of the floorboards, with that in mind I started to walk the track instead because of all the parts on the ride the track bed is the strongest. I did cross the track hoping to at least see a train in the storage area of tunnel but did not find one, wonder where they went. So I did try to wander on to the brake run but the part of the lift hill that broke off was in shambles all over the brake run, so I couldnt go any further :*(. So I left the station and wandered the park, checking out all of the supports of long gone rides, and the few buildings remaining including the building that appears to have used to house a dark ride? The mini golf booth, tried to play a round but the tree and burnt wood on hole 2 made it kinda hard. Of course the Clambake building was burnt down, but other than that some little kiddie ride areas, and the path went further back to other rides but because it was now 6:15pm it was dark and venturing further can now be a little too dangerous considering im in the middle of the park by myself and noone can hear me, except for the other guy stuck in the woods cause he traveled in there when it was dark, so I decided that I must leave and fast cause the little light I had just to see was now creeping over the horizion very fast.

But after all that i did take some pictures which did not comeout to visible because of it being to dark, even with a flash.

If anyone has pictures of the park, in operation or abandon, please share with everyone. I would really like to see what was in the spots I was looking at.

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