Lightwater mouse reopens after last year's accident

Posted Wednesday, July 17, 2002 4:57 AM | Contributed by Jeff

Lightwater Valley's Treetop Twister has reopened after an accident last year that killed a woman following a brake failure and collision. The park says the ride is safe but an investigation by local authorities has not been completed.

Read more from the Yorkshire Evening Post.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002 5:34 AM

Actually, it seems the primary investigation is being conducted by the Health and Safety Executive. This would be roughly equivalent to having the Consumer Product Safety Comission conduct the investigation. It is now 13 months since the accident and these beaureaucrats have not been able to come to a conclusion. This seems to be an excessive lenth of time for the investigation.

The length of time for the investigation also could be a problem when you consider that there are 7 other Reverchon Wild Mouse coasters in England. If what went wrong could effect the others it is important to get the information out. This contrasts strongly with the investigation of the SROS accident at SFNE where the investigation was open and concluded as quickly as possible so that the results could be applied to other Intamin coasters.

I strongly suspect that the park knows what went wrong, corrected the problem, and finally got tired of waiting for a government agency to overcome its interia and issue a report.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002 5:55 AM

I have to agree with Lightwater Valley in this one. Too often those "inquiries" are a bunch of BS that take forever, for what reasons I don't know. But if the park has done tests that prove the ride is safe, why wait for the gov't to drag its feet and get around to wrapping up their investigation? And with the scrutiny they are not going to re-open a ride if they see any risk of it malfunctioning again. Go Lightwater Valley!

PLEASE READ: This post wasn't meant to offend or anger anyone; I apologize in advance if it does. So please don't post a reply just to rant about it. :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2002 6:13 AM
You KNOW the lawyers/insurance companies in the US would have an absolute field day condemning a park for doing that here...perhaps I really am a displaced European...;)

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