Lights on TTD are up

Wednesday, May 28, 2003 11:21 AM
I was just looking at the web cams and noticed a lot more lights on TTD . I believe all the lights are up so look tonight ot see if they are running


TTD was built TTD is here TTD was rode !!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2003 11:23 AM
Did they fix the problem with TTD? is it up and running today. a buddy of mine is a teacher who took a bunch of his students there today and I was wondering if they were going to be able to ride it. anyone know?

Is that Freedom Rock? Well turn it up dude !!

Wednesday, May 28, 2003 12:12 PM
Why do I see this turning out to be another Webcam thread like on GTTP?

Well, I used to be able to see TTD from my house, then I moved.
Life's not fair.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003 2:27 PM
:( They moved the station webcam to on top of the photobooth. Oh and they do have all of the lights up, I think.
Wednesday, May 28, 2003 6:51 PM
Tower lights must be up... I just checked the webcam, and saw a row of the yellow tower lights on. Looks pretty nice!

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