Lightning Runs first riders.

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How do we know it's a good ride? Shouldn't we ride it first?

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We haven't had the *chance* to ride ourselves, but we do have reports from some who have decent experience (although admittedly, they may be biased).

The reports I have heard so far from people who have ridden it is that it is a really good ride.

The ride's pedigree is a bit of a mixed bag, as on the one hand it was apparently designed by Ride Centerline, who are credited with several recent highly-regarded coasters, but built by Chance, who, quite frankly, are not.

Personally, I'm looking forward to it.

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Not entirely enamored with the restraints - but as Jeff noted, we've yet to ride...

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If they're like the Premier shin restraints, I don't mind.

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Did the Arrow mine train lap bar not solve the problem of escape 30 years ago?

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I have not idea whether it is a good ride or a bad, but from watching the video it feels like they decided to scrap the first half of the ride and only build the second section (the section after where a midcourse brake would have been).

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Seeing the broad band across the waist, I have to question the need for the shin bar...takes those out, and it looks pretty similar to the Timberliners.

I can't shake the feeling that this layout would've worked better as a wooden coaster... or some themeing

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I rode it yesterday, about the restraints, you need them. Intense ride with lots of airtime, Kentucky Kingdom is looking great as well.

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I Loved Lightening Run! I look forward to many more rides.

Great Air Time and layout!

Not my favorite restraint, but I had no issues. I believe the cut off is 6'-6". Girth can be an issue too. But, out of a few hundred enthusiasts, I only know of 5 who didn't get to ride. Height and/or Size were the issues for all of them.

The load/unload needs improvement. Saturday was the first operating day for them, so I will cut them some slack. But, as slow as the dispatch is right now, there is no need for the 2nd train. I'm sure they will get some good procedures in place to speed things up. But, if you go on a public day, be prepared to wait.

There are no switchbacks in the queue. This would be fine if throughput was much higher. But, on Saturday aside from ACE, 2 other small groups and a huge crowd from Amazon was there. ACE had the ride to them selves for 2 hours. Most people only got 1 ride. A few got 2. The public was forming a line outside the ride while we were riding. After the public was allowed in the queue, the line stretched back to the base of the hill leading to the bridge.

The park looked great. I was pleasantly surprised. I was blown away at how great Thunder Run was running as well. I plan to stop back in the day after Holiwood nights with my season pass. Even if it's just to grab one more ride on Thunder and Lightening.

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The Twins are still SBNO, right?

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

^Yeah. The Twins aren't scheduled to open until 2016. I am thinking the ride will get the RMC treatment.

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I heard another rumor from a trusted friend that I won't repeat. But, if true would be very awesome.


Never mind, I now see someone said it elsewhere.

The twins may become a single track coaster.

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I was able to ride Lightning Run on Saturday and I was blown away at how great of a ride it delivered. It was incredibly fun, thrilling, and smooth. The first drop was great with some very nice air time. After that the ride was nothing but fast turns, hills, and air time. There were some good moments of ejector air time too. I also loved the curved criss cross track right before the bunny hills at the end of the ride. Oh, and the bunny hills were remarkable. The hills were air, air, air, and more air into the break run. It was so much fun.

It's amazing how they were able to create a design that fit this compact area and deliver such a great coaster. I was amazed at how smooth the ride was with all of those quick transitions. While some people had issues with the restraints, they didn't bother me at all.

I thought Lightning Run was remarkable and look forward to visiting again soon so I can ride it again. Kentucky Kingdom now has a marquee coaster which should make it worth a visit for many in the future.

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Here's a humorous (or perhaps disturbing) picture from preview day showing an attempt to fit a guest with large thighs into the ride...

I found the lap bar and shin contraption to be very comfortable. The Six Flags Hyper Intamins and Outlaw Run have shin restraints that are far more intrusive. Once the ride gets going, you're so surprised by the airtime that the only thought you'll have about the lap bar is that you're glad it is there! As for that airtime... it's not your B&M floater air. No. The airtime on Lightning Run is the kind where the train gets yanked out from under you.

Note the shocked looks on our faces in this pic. The ride is akin to Phantom's Revenge...

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It took all the way to the post above mine for someone to voice my first impression... Very Phantom's Revenge-like. (this first impression from watching the videos, not from riding, unfortunately.)

I too was less than impressed by the initial CGI promotion video, but the 2 real videos above look amazing.

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