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Thursday, May 25, 2000 4:05 PM
Today I was at Hersheypark on a field trip from about 10 to 5. I will tall you about the coasters.

Sidewinder- No line all morning. I got on it twice and it felt much smoother with less headbanging. It was a great ride for a Vekoma Boomerang.

Wild Mouse- Got to walk on it twice in the morning. It had almost no brakes(except at the end). Felt great!. I really enjoy this coaster.

Wildcat- This beast felt great. I got two rides on it. The first was walk-on, and the second was a 5min. wait. It felt a little bit more rough than usual.

Trailblazer- rode this dinky mine train 5 times throuhout the day. Around noon they added the second train making it a walk-on all day.

Great Bear- CLOSED. This made me frustrated becaude I truly enjoy this coaster. They would not say why it was closed.

Sooperdooperlooper- I rode this classic 5 times throughout the day. It felt very smooth and it was fun.

Comet- This wonderful coaster felt entirely different than my last experience. It had so much more air time than I can remember. My 2 rides on this were great.

LIGHTNING RACER- It was closed the whole morning and around noon they ran only the green side with two trains. I decided to ride anyway and after a 25 minute wait both sides ran. I was so lucky! The trains are padded, have individual lap bars, have low cut backs, and just plain rock! The ride is shocking smooth. After the first two turna roinds you have a long series of awesome 60 degree banks. The high baked turns are wild. The tunnel by the waterfall is really neat. The racing effect is perfect. I could not find one flaw in this coaster. The whole ride feels as if you are constantly accelerating. When I got off for the first time all I could say was, "What a Rush." I rode both tracks once.
Another thing that added to the fun is that I won both times! I reccomend this coaster to anyone who likes coasters! I loved it! It truly is "甀椀琀攀 琀栀攀 爀椀搀攀∀⸀㰀戀爀㸀਀㰀戀爀㸀਀ⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀ㰀戀爀㸀਀∀刀愀挀攀爀猀 匀琀愀爀琀 礀漀甀爀 䔀渀最椀渀攀猀∀℀㰀戀爀㸀਀愀琀 䠀攀爀猀栀攀礀瀀愀爀欀
Thursday, May 25, 2000 4:24 PM
I really need to make an excuse to visit Hershey this year! Those trains look amazing, and they appear to be the greatest advance in wood coaster trains since forever.

Webmaster/Admin -
Friday, May 26, 2000 4:32 AM
But they're not really an advancement but a throwback. Remember they're really close in design to the old Prior and Church trains. They've just been modernized.

Scott W. Short

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