Life After Labor Day

Just checking to see if anyone knows of any parks still running any weekday hours besides those in CA and FL. (Sept 23-25 are what I've been looking for in particular)

I'm just not certain that I've got my coaster fix before the halloween season, which I typically don't get crazy about.

You should get crazy about it, you dont even have to like Halloween attractions (or go in them) Halloween season means 4+ hours of night time riding, cooler temps, and lots of fog at most parks. Seriously, the haunted attractions are just icing on the cake to the amazing two months about to start.

As for parks still doing weekday operations, I think you are SOL anywhere but CA and FL.

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The Herschend parks (SDC and Dollywood) typically have *somewhat* better offseason hours...

But hey, Rock'it is open...and absolutely loaded with block brakes... :)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

I wish parks were still open during the week since it isn't always so easy for me to get to parks on the weekends. Most are open from Memorial Day to mid June during the week when school is still in session but I guess that is because there are a lot of class trips where there aren't going to be any trips in September.

Great Adventure is open on the 25th at night from 5 - 10 but it is passholders only.

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Parks in the southern hemisphere are open!

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Parks are open on Monday 10/12 Columbus Day.

Da Bears

All east coast parks are running weekend hours through halloween.


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Mamoosh said:
Parks in the southern hemisphere are open!

It's still winter there for another week, Moosh...

Certain victory.

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