Libertyland Zippin Pippin

Question out there. Beyodn the fact that it had been auctioned for an extremely low amount, has anyone heard about the utimate fate of the Zippin Pippin from Libertyland. Based on what I had heard, by now it would have either been a. removed from the site and stored or b. buldozed under. I have my fears as to what happened...
It MAY get relocated to another park. Right now there isn't anything definite, and if there is, it has yet to be made public.
Does that mean it is still "standing" and the wrecking ball has yet to visit it?
Look FOr maybe at dollywood in 2008, they are trying to but it and build up at in the fiftys area of the park.
^ ?????????


^^ Translation of CoasterCraze's post:

Look for Zippin Pippin to be rebuilt at Dollywood for 2008. They will build it in the 50s area of the park.

^^ Maybe!
There looking at the possiblites, the fair board gave them an extention to have it removed by the end of the year.
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^Dollywood would be sweet! Thunderhead AND Pippin in the same park?

Talk about my own dream come true. ;) Now if they would rescue the Screechin Eagle I would just have to move closer to the park. ;)


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