Liberty Land

Monday, February 14, 2000 10:08 AM
Has anyone ever been to Liberty Land? It is located in Memphis, Tennssee. I use to go there almost every weekend in the summer when i lived in Memphis. They also have the oldest operating coaster in North America called Zippin Pippin. It was also Elvis' favorite coaster. I submitted it to the coaster section of this site today. They also have a coaster called the revolution, it is a steel corkscrew coaster made by Arrow. Oh yeah, since you can't send in any manufacturer names to this site, i'll post it here. Amusement Device Co. They built Zippin Pippin, i don't know if they are still building coasters, but they use to. Anyway, has anyone else been to Liberty Land?

Bryan, AKA CP-god
Monday, February 14, 2000 1:19 PM
Yea I went there when I was about six. I don't remember it very well though.
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 1:34 PM
Yes, I live in Memphis and go to LL atleast 2 times a year. You only need to spend an hour or 2 at the park since it never has crowds and its a small park. I always go on Sunday in hopes of enough people to space out my rides enough. I will probably stop going all together if they keep messing up the Pippin though. This year they added a trim brake on the final turn near the Colisseum. It completly kills the last part of the ride. If they go to new trains with individual ratcheting lap bars the ride will be nothing anymore. Oh well... Its still a good place to waste the afternoon.

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