Leviathan and Behemoth

Never been to Canada's Wonderland but was looking at the site and these two rides seem to look very similar and were made within like 4 years apart? Are they really much different of ride experiences?

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I love both of these rides and feel they are vastly different. Behemoth is more an airtime machine while Leviathan is more of a speed based ride. I prefer Leviathan (one of my favorite coasters period), but Behemoth way exceeded my expectations.

It looks like another park will have another B&M hyper/giga duo soon as well at Carowinds... I am very happy to see this personally! (if true)

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I was lost in the jungle for a few years but from what I understand Leviathan was originally designed for Knott's until smart new executives squashed it because it would destroy much of the remaining atmosphere in the park. I'd love to know if this is true or not. CW denies it but it seems too strange to not be true. Anyone know?

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