Let's discuss the almighty park traditional treat: The Funnel Cake.

What'd I say?
Let's see.

You said, "You should know better than to get a food fact wrong around a bunch of enthusiasts."

In which Chuck responded, "Why? So you can make the next post about how fat everybody is?"

Looking at all of the posts above his, that is the only one that makes sense. Who else would he have been responding to?

Yeah is Good!
Huh, I thought the difference between a funnel cake and fried dough was just a regional thing. I've always called them funnel cakes, and then I went to the east coast, and all my guys there are calling it fried dough. Regardless of what it’s called, whenever I have bought one it always has looked like the picture of the funnel cake from wikipedia.

I've never even heard of elephant ears.

"Would you like to buy a photo of you boys enjoying the Line Ride?"

wow! I would have thought that Chuck was responding to the title of this post:

1: Let's discuss the almighty park traditional treat; The Funnel cake.

2:Why? So you can make the next post about how fat everybody is?

That makes more sense to me. Perhaps Chuck is inclined to clarify?

Ah, I definately overlooked that possibility. Hmmmm?

PT300, Elephant ears are a more regional thing than funnel cake. I had never heard of them either until I moved to Ohio. They are a large, flat piece of fried dough (kind of looks like an elephant ear) that is usually served with cinamon and sugar on top.

Yeah is Good!
I love funnel cake, the last one I had was at some small carnival and man did it SUCK, it was like they watered down the batter and made it thinner so the whole thing was darker brown and burnt. Always wanted to try fried oreos though, sometime...
Adventureland (IA) has great funnel cakes. Now you are making me hungry for em.


Skol Vikings
Let's shoot us some deer Joe Joe!!!!


Very good. You spelled it like you pronounce it, (spelled paczki, pronounced punchki). Better than the PA Dutch fastnachts, which have no filling. Next you'll have to try khrusty or khruschiki.

That's a small rectangle of sweet dough with a slit cut in the center. Loop one end through the slit, then you deep fry it and sprinkle with powdered sugar. It looks almost like a bow-tie when done.

The best funnel cakes have to be poured randomly. I got one recently that was poured in a spiral, which I thought looked strange. You need the spaces in between to make it easier to break pieces off to share. The best of the best places will want to sell you some batter and an official funnel to make your own. :)

And I love the senior citizens who make them at Knoebels. I think if you're under 80, they won't let you behind the stand. And the ladies wear the aprons and the little hats.

crazyforcoasters said:
Adventureland (IA) has great funnel cakes. Now you are making me hungry for em.



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P18 said:
Always wanted to try fried oreos though, sometime...

I will say this:

fried twinkies>>fried oreos>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all the other fried crap in this thread


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Cheese-on-a-stick. YUM! ;)


/\ always wanted to try that too, lol. Im so hungry right now...
Funnel cakes are the best! I love those more than footlong chili dogs.

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I prefer elephant ears (fried leavened dough, typically covered in cinnamon sugar) to funnel cakes (thinner, sweetened batter drizzled into the oil), although with the gluten allergy both are permanently off my diet.

But as Tina suggests, cheese-on-a-stick (also off my menu :( ) buries them both.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

Chitown said:
Whatever, elephant ear, funnel cake, say what you will, but it's the same stuff. I don't care if it's home made like a homemade waffle cone, or mass produced and thrown into a friar.

I have had homemade waffle cones along with homemade funnel cakes. The mass produced crap , while not the same, is still what it is.

You call a McDonalds burger a hamburger but we all know it's not a real burger. Same with Taco Bell, if anyone calls that real mexican cuisine needs their heads examined. Same ALSO goes for Chipotle, if you think that is real mexican food, please visit a family owned mexican establishment to find out what real mexican cuisine is. *** Edited 8/13/2006 12:54:29 PM UTC by Chitown***

After the funnel cake is thrown on a friar, does he take it to a club roast to cook it? *** Edited 8/15/2006 9:41:42 PM UTC by calvin12***

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