Lesourdsville Lake 8/11: Buzzer shy and Arse Farce

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I was planning on going to Screech Fest yesterday (August 10th), but a couple friends from URC, Robert Strausburg(RS aka Arse) and Jimmy Gallo, were coming to meet up with me at Lesourdsville. They couldn’t get here until Sunday/today, so I decided to go ahead and skip the ACE Event. I arrived at the park around 12:10, paid the $4 to park and about $19 to get in which included admission and rides both. Evidently, Stricker’s Grove was going to be Rob and Jimmy’s first stop (But they decided to head on home. It’s ok guys, I understand lol), which didn’t even open until 2:00 and I found this out while standing behind some guys and a couple girls who just happened to be wearing some coaster gear at Screechin’ Eagle. More on that later.

This was my second visit of 2001 and I didn’t get the chance to do Logger’s Run or the Flyers last time, so I was going to try and get in a few soaks and spin-dry cycles this time. But first, I couldn’t pass up a couple rides on the great Galaxi coaster, The Serpent.

Luckily, this twisted mini steel coaster has lots of quick turns and sudden dives all over the place which really keeps the entire layout interesting and I like it better than most normal mice, because this one gets right to the point! It was walk-on the entire time I was at the park and I had 4 rides total during my 2-hour visit, which really isn’t enough, so I would return for this alone… Fortunately, there’s even more!

I continued down the front of the park, caught a quick Flyers ride that was fairly uneventful, hopped in for a spin on Musik Express, and completely passed up the Whip for my urge to ride Screechin’ Eagle… over… and over… again!

I think I racked it over two-dozen rides on the wooden masterpiece, which constantly delivers enormous amounts of stand-up ejector air on every single drop (literally)! It is pretty much impossible to hold yourself in, as the Eagle will try to rip you out of the train whether you like it or not. But, what would you want to hold on anyways? Hands up are without a doubt the way to go with this experience! The ride is extremely smooth and unimaginably deceiving throughout. The transitions and speed are completely offbeat as well and I wouldn’t expect from the first ride that the next hill was actually going to give airtime or be very intense at all, but it’s truly a winner and a big surprise hit in my books! Not only is it the best wooden coaster in Ohio, it’s clearly the best stand-up as well and I can’t say that enough or more passionately, because this coaster is a dream ride! As I got in line for my 4th or 5th ride, I noticed a “guy” in a Wally World t-shirt! I’ve gone to so many Kohl’s stores to try and find one and they’ve been sold out everywhere. I was going to comment on it, but he looked very familiar. As I was wondering who he could be, I noticed that the whole group he was with had coaster shirts on including The Raven and Legend. “Hey, maybe I know them from Coasterbuzz?!” Well, what do you know, but the girl in front of me is named Kara. Hmm, who could that be?

I hear the name Rob tossed around as well and also heard that Stricker’s didn’t open until 2:00 (information I really didn’t need anyways) and figured out I was in a full Eagle train with(I think) STChick, Robodub, Arrow Guy, and a few other Buzzers. Well, I didn’t say hello since I’m pretty shy about introducing myself to new people and I didn’t know if they knew who I was anyhow. I wished I had worn my GASM shirt, but I continued riding SE a few more times. When I was finally getting the courage to say something, Kara pulls out the camera to get on-ride and I’m even more camera shy than people shy lol. They all seemed like pretty nice people and I regret not saying anything to them since I had actually wanted to meet all of them. I guess I’ll go ahead and say to them: “Hey guys! Hope you had a nice trip! Maybe I’ll catch you next time!” lol.

Kara definitely caught me on camera a few times, so look for the suspicious guy in the Nautica shirt and that would be me. I got really nervous when you filmed us off-ride Kara and now I know what you mean Diana. =P

I went back and forth from Eagle to the Flyers (still no snaps) to Serpent to Little Dipper (why was I the only one riding this one?) to Logger’s Run (make sure you have the same pleasure as me by getting yourself drenched to the core in the back end of the park then walking all the way back with your underwear in unspeakable places ) a few times and really did have a great time overall and called it a day. Rob and Jimmy were already home in New Jersey and I had a great stay anyway! Even the smaller parks have their hidden gems and as many people as possible should get to experience Lesourdsville’s wonderful collection and we’ll return no doubt!

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Three Buzzers Sitting on a SOB

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They let you ride Little Dipper? When I went today, the ride op on the Little Dipper yelled at me because I asked if I was too tall. LoL. Did you see a guy in a Phantom's Revenge shirt? That was me!

Good Times!! Good Times!!
CCI Lives On!!!!

Yes, I did and I was this close to talking to you! I didn't know if you were on CB or not and you looked like you were in a hurry, so I didn't try to stop you lol. I don't know if you saw me or not, but I think I rode in front of you one time. And I continue to be pissed at myself for not speaking up. I have a bad habit of not doing that sometimes just in fear that something negative might happen, lol. I can't believe they wouldn't let you on Little Dipper!? I don't think there has been any kiddie coaster I haven't talked an op into letting me on, hehe. "I'm trying to break a record and you could be on TV!" ;)

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Good TR, you broke my record on Eagle, darn you, darn you to heck, but I rode the flats so haha.

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Well, you'll just have to try harder to beat that next time won't you? :)

I did take a few rides on the flyers and took a good look at most of the other flat rides, but they really don't agree with my sense of direction though. I would have gone on the Pirat, but I was more interested in reriding SE.

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You wussy!! LOL Just joking dude. You should have came and hung out with us. We really don't bite... honest! Glad you discovered the Eagle as a great coaster like we did. I still can't get over all that air on some of those drops.

I'm surprised you got on Big Dipper as well, the last time I was there the ride-op lady just about tore me a new one for even thinking about walking up the ramp to the ride. It's still a great park, and alot more was open compared to 4th of July.

If you ever see us again, feel free to say hey. That's how we all became a group in the first place.

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LOL Thanks Rob! I'll be sure to come over and say hey next time, but I think I was a little paranoid from getting zero sleep the night before.

I couldn't believe that airtime either! I was out of my seat way more than I was in it and loved every moment of it!

I can't believe I got on the Big Dipper either the way you're talking since I think I had the same op standing there. I think she was mad that she had to even operate the ride, but I told her I really needed to ride it and made up a little story. I'm not really a whore for the count, but I'm a fan of kiddie coasters as well and at least needed the chance to try it.

I think it was mainly the large group that made me stop from saying hello, lol. I almost said, "Hey Kara" or "STChick" or "Arrow Guy", but I didn't want to rest of you too look at me like "Who the heck are you?" LOL

Anyways, thanks again and I hope to see you guys this year or next if I make another trip up to CP or SFWOA soon. Kings Island and LL are both my home parks, so maybe I'll see you there sometime and hopefully I'll have some more sleep in. ;)


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I luckily do not have to get yelled at about riding the Little Dipper cause I believe this to be my firs coaster I ever rode. I know it was as our familys used to have regualar get togethers at LL in the early 70's. Anyhow, I know I've ridden it and I even operated a Identical Herschell at Strickers in the early '80's.

Therefore I made the Little Leaper at Lakemont my 100th coaster instead of Leap The Dips which was #96 in honor of the same type as my first :)

Chuck, being honest here when I say I just couldn't wait to make LTD my 100th and had to ride it first thing :)

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Interesting story Chuck and did you get to ride the ACME Gravity Powered Roller Ride at Six Flags St. Louis? I think it's a Hershell production design Little Dipper as well, but I hear the park is pretty strict about letting anyone else on besides the kiddies.

My cousin remember Kiddie Coaster and Strickers and I was talking with her the other day about why they would take that out since its actually a good coaster for the park's family atmosphere. I believe there are a lot of these around anyways though and I'm pretty sure Little Laser at Dorney was the same thing, but they didn't have a problem with me getting on there.

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Nice TR, KK!! Gotta love the "brush with greatness" with Kara, and the others.. Makes me want to ride the Screechin' Eagle hardcore!!! Nice pics too....:)

Thanks for the comments nasai and I think you'll love to meet all of these guys since they're really nice people as well. Screechin' Eagle should be your kind of coasters since you can truly get the feel of all the airtime with tons of rerides and every seat in the entire train is outstanding. I prefer towards the back, but even 1-3 is out of this World.

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