Legoland Florida will also report injuries to state

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Florida's major theme parks must report certain injuries and illnesses to the state Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection each quarter. This was the first time the newly opened Legoland Florida had to submit a report.

Read more from The Sun-Sentinel.

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Even though their coasters can best be called "junior" coasters, they sure pack a punch. I rode Flight School, Coastersauraus and the Dragon Coaster on Friday and they beat me up a little bit.

Won't ride Flight School again. I'm tall but my head was wracked by the OTS restraint. Usually I can prevent the pounding but for some reason I couldn't on this one. No coaster is worth an hour long headache post ride.

Coastersauaus was pretty rough too. I'm not sure it would have thrown my shoulder out ala the injury reported in this story. (I'm guessing that individual had a previous injury.) But, is a bouncer. Of course, I'm getting jostled around and the 3 year old riding in front of me is giggling the entire way. Maybe I'm just getting too old.

The Dragon Coaster was a nice little ride. Actually got my son on that one and, while he enjoyed the first part of the ride with the Legos he still didn't care too much for the "coaster" part. Most kids I saw seemed to be having a good time though.

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Flight School is the same old Vekoma junior invert that was at the park when it was Cypress. Those things are horrendous for adults, and should have a max height limit of about 52-54".

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Doesn't Vekoma translate to "headache"? ;)

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