Legoland Florida removing Island in the Sky

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Island in the Sky, the longtime observation-wheel attraction operating at Legoland Florida, has been permanently grounded, the Winter Haven theme park has confirmed. It opened in 1983.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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This makes me impossibly sad. It was one of my favorite things to do there.

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Those things are presumably end of life at this point. The one in Parque Espana was removed a few years ago.

I’m sad about it too. I was only at Cypress V2 (the one with all the rides) and it was the thing I most looked forward to. I was mostly intrigued by how the thing worked and seeing it in person made it all come clear.

Efteling has a beautiful version, Pagoda, and over my two days I rode it several times. There are less elaborate, space-saving observation towers out there, lord knows, but I like the quirkiness of these. And (although I understand Legoland has changed this policy) you could stand up and walk around.

Our entire family enjoyed that ride and the view with the park and the lake was pretty great. I understand that all rides have a shelf life but I hope they come up with some type of observation tower to replace it. That park screams for an aerial view.

Shameless plug time:

In light of this announcement, I have made available a video which is basically POV of this ride, shot in 1998 when it was Cypress Gardens Adventure Park. Find the video here:

While you're there, you can also watch POV video of the Triple Hurricane, recorded the same day:

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Plug all you want, that was a nice video. Wish I would have been able to ride it one day.

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