Legoland California plans pirate-themed expansion

Posted Monday, January 16, 2006 3:17 PM | Contributed by PhantomTails

The Carlsbad, California Planning Commission will consider a proposal by Legoland on Wednesday for a "Pirates Cluster" themed expansion containing five new rides. If approved, development on the new area, including flume and water slide attractions, could begin this year.

Read more from The Union-Tribune.

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Monday, January 16, 2006 3:35 PM
Sounds really cool. But with all the talk of expansion, I would have thought the city council had already approved it. I guess we'll see if the Carlsbad city council is friendlier towards Legoland than the San Diego city council is towards Sea World.
Monday, January 16, 2006 5:13 PM
Expansion isn't really the right way to describe what the park wants to do. The plot of land for the new area is already within park boundaries, it's just unused at the moment. Most likely when the park was designed there were areas left undeveloped for future expansion, which is a quite common.
Tuesday, January 17, 2006 12:05 AM
I thought that the park was up for sale?
Tuesday, January 17, 2006 1:49 AM
The chain was.
Tuesday, January 17, 2006 9:32 AM
Already sold right?

Yah, the area is in the middle of the park just above miniland right?

I'm looking forward to it what with the whipper snapper and all. Speaking of whom, he most certainly seems to love airtime, much to the chagrin of his mother. ;)

Thursday, January 19, 2006 1:49 AM
Another Splash Battle? Cool... the one that already exist at Walibi World in Holland looks awesome! A great concept.

Beside the one at Indiana Beach coming in 2006, Star Parks (owners of the Walibi parks in Europe) already confirmed they bought a second for Walibi Aquitaine, their smallest park in France.


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