Legoland California GM finds car replaced with Lego version

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Some fun-loving employees at Legoland California distracted the amusement park's general manager Monday morning long enough to replace his blue Volvo with a nearly identical model made from 200,000 Lego bricks. The general manager, Peter Ronchetti, discovered the switch when he walked out of his office building to go to lunch, said a park spokeswoman who watched and photographed the prank.

Read more from The North County Times.

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That is absolutely awesome. What a crazy amount of work for such a short prank.

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did they make that on the clock tho? :-)

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Not really... the article says they normally have the Lego car parked in the main lot.

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Saw that when Legoland put it on their FB page the other day...very cool prank!

(Yes, I'm a friend of Legoland....but for some reason, not yet a friend of Jerry's)... ;~)

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Oh. Guess it pays to read the full article. Still cool though.

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You all are not my friend... Don't forget that! ha.

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I'm your friend, Jay - Err Jerry.

This is awesome. Love it.

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I've seen a Lego car before. I forget where though.

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This was staged by marketing to go viral. The car is normally in the park near the car attractions. Volvo is a major sponsor.

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Most everything is staged these days.

I think your comment was staged;)

Who cares if it was staged? It's still an awesome prank. :)

They had the means, and with the Lego car in the shop for a refresh, they had the opportunity. Who cares if Marketing provided the motive?

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RideMan said:
Who cares if it was staged? Who cares if Marketing provided the motive?

You know how silly and fake reality TV is?

Real life is getting just as bad. ;)

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