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Sunday, July 1, 2001 10:01 AM
Question: What does a cosater nut, with no kids, do when there are three coasters at a park designed solely for parents with kids age 3-12?
Answer: Hijack some kids!

My girlfriend and I asked my sister if we could take their 2 kids to Legoland for the day, she jumped at the chance. A whole day with no screaming children... she was all over it. The kids (Zack age 5, and Hannah age 4) were pretty jazzed too. (duh) We told them about it a week ago, and they had not shut up about it for the whole week.

We had free kids tickets from Vons, but they were only valid with a full price adult ticket. I
thought we would be able to get in for $50 (SoCal residents are $25 ea) but free kids tix
were still a good savings. Also purchased the $10 souvineer sipper bottle at the gate. Why?
Because once that is purchased, you can fill it up as many times as you want for free at any
food location with fountain drinks. Not bad! We must have filled it up 8-10 times! We
arrived at about 11:00 and stayed till closing, 9:00.

The park itself is VERY well done. Impecibly clean, well themed, friendly employees, and
surprisingly good prices for food and souvineers! Mini-World was beyond belief. Seeing all
of those city skylines/landmarks all done in legos is truly impressive. Sadly, the kids were
less than impressed with Mini World and we did not get as good a look at it as I would have
liked to. It has SO much stuff, I could have marveled at it for hours. Almost worth the price
of admission alone!

On to the three coasters... OK, 2 of them are kiddie coasters, but coasters none the less!
Hannah was talking about The Dragon coaster and how much she wanted to ride it, as well
as the other coasters there. She has already been on Gadget's Go Coaster and The
Matterhorn. (right side) She is fearless when it comes to rides, God bless her. As soon as
she reaches 48" I will be taking her to SFMM! Zack was afraid and did not want to ride the
coasters at all. We eventually bribed him with Starburst candy and he got on Spell Breaker,
but he was pretty scared.

The Dragon: Before the lift, the trian goes through the castle, dark ride style! Maybe
everyone already knows this, but it was a big surprise to me. Lots of animated lego-built
charictors and a huge red dragon right before the lift. The ride itself has some pretty good
turns and positave G's, for a kiddie. It is also one of the longest kiddie coasters around.
Hannah loved it. I liked it too. There is a single lap bar for 2 riders, and that left A LOT of
room between skinny little Hannah's lap and the bar. I purposly stapled myself to make it a
bit clocer to her, but it was still a good 6-8 inches of room. I figured (correctly) that the
ride would not really cause her to even come near to flying out, I guess I was being
over-protective. Zack sat this one out with my girlfriend.

Spell Breaker: After offering the bribe of no less than SEVEN Starburst candies, Zack was
ready to ride his first roller coaster! This has got to be the lowest capacity coaster ever
built. The way the queue is set up makes it almost impossible to "race" the people that you
are with, assuming you have a group of 3 or 4 riders. It is also one of the shortest, it is
just a figure 8, then it's over. I BARELY was able to fit into the gondola, and getting out
was even harder. I rode with Zack, he insisted that I hold onto him tightly, which I did. For
a small coaster with only a gradually sloping track, this thing picks up some good speed.
Zack liked it at first, but once it got going, he was pretty scared. Of course, we were going
about as fast as these things will go, thanks to my 270 lbs pushing the gondola down the
track. Spell Breaker was pretty fun, but it REALLY needs to be a longer ride to be worth the

Lego Technic Test Track: The only "adult" coaster in the park, this wild mouse coaster
packs a big punch. Also a big drop! Hannah was my riding partner once again while Zack
played in the water fountain area. We were almost next in line (9 people ahead of us) when
a sensor went out, shutting down the ride for about 25 minutes. We had already waited
about 20 minutes to get to that point, I asked for an exit pass since we had already waited
in the line long enough to get on the ride. "No, we only give those out to people who were
actually on the ride when it broke down." I asked another person, got the same answer.
Then the lead came over, I got the same story. I was beng nice enough about it, stating
that we had already been there long enough, what is the harm of handing out an exit pass?
I was not asking for a refund, or cash back, the exit pass costs them nothing and the
guest (in this case, I) would walk away happy, not stand there getting more and more upset. Finally, they cycled the ride once and it was working again. This ride puts the "Wild" in Wild Mouse!! The drop is fantastic and very smooth. Every mouse ride should have a top to bottom drop like this! The rest of the ride is mostly a standard fare wild mouse, with very little breaking. The rolling stock is well themed and there are sound effects through the ride, making it sound like you will fall off the track! All in all, this is now my favorite wild mouse ride. Hannah was scared on the hairpin turns, but once we were at the final brakes, she said that she liked it. I did too!

If you have kids, or can hijack some, I recommend Legoland highly. There were a TON of other little kid things to do, and most of them are able to accomidate both a kid and someone my size (6'4" 270 lbs) at the same time. If you cannot get some kids, I would have to say that Legoland's coasters are not quite worth the trip alone. Mini-world, however, might be enough to make it worthwile.

"X" marks the spot in 2001!
Sunday, July 1, 2001 2:21 PM

Soggy said:
"Question: What does a cosater nut, with no kids, do when there are three coasters at a park designed solely for parents with kids age 3-12?
Answer: Hijack some kids!


LOL! That sounds so wrong and funny at the same time! Glad you had fun.
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